Don't know what the heck you want? 

We probably know what the heck you want. Our design team is basically a group of designing Beyonces. And we’ll never charge you for extra for designs because we don’t play like that. You chill out, we’ve got you covered.

What's the dealio with the dough?

It depends, dawg! We base prices on things like brand and quantity. When you’re tryna order some shirts call us, beep us if you wanna reach us and we’ll getcha a quote real quick!

(479) 445-7118 or

Brands make her dance.

Ok, kinda weird that we just quoted Juicy J, but that’s how real these brands we have are. We got Comfort Colors, American Apparel, Next Level, Alternative, Nike, Adidas, Gildan, Anvil, and basically whatever your little heart desires. 

We got options. Let us tell you about them.

What time is it? T-Shirt time.

Once we get that order of yours finalized, it’s only going to be about a week wait for those precious shirts of yours to get printed. Try and find someone else in the custom tee biz that can say that… it’s gonna be hard. We can’t help it, we’re the Ricky Bobby’s of t-shirts and we wanna go fast.

Can I see your Greek License?

Duh, officer. We got those credentials so don’t you worry. 

Minimum Order?

We wanna design shirts for your whole squad, so each order has to have a minimum number of 36 pieces. BUT! Don’t worry super popular people, if your squad consists of 6,839 people, we’ll get that done for ya. 

Let's get this party started!

Call us, maybe! Or text, email, snail mail, page (Okay, not that, we don’t have a pager, this isn’t the 1800s), whatever it takes to hit us up! We’ll ask you some questions and then you’re off the hook and we’ll take it from there. It’s like we’re in a group project and we’re the kid who does all the work and you get the good grade for it! Our designers will make sure you get a brand new, unique design, specific to your wants and needs!

(479) 871-4327 or

Oh ship!

Group shipping: that ship is free. We’ll get it to you anywhere in America, on time, every time. 

Set up fees?

Not in our vocabulary.

More colors than a box of crayons.

If you want it, we’ve got it. 

Here’s some Comfortable colors, but this is definitely not all!

Stylin' and Profilin'

We’ve got more style options than a Kardashian’s closet. You want that pocket tee? Srat tanks? Frat tanks? Long sleeves? Crew neck, v neck, turtle neck, no neck (ok that’s impossible)? Sweatshirts? Polos? We’ve got all that and more. 

Last name "Ever," first name "Greatest."

Actually last name “Press,” first name “Houndstooth,” but it’s basically the same thing. We don’t just wanna talk about how good we are, we wanna show you. Hit us up and let’s get started!

(479) 871-4327 or