5 Ways The Royal Family is Just Like You and Me

In light of the recent wedding of Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle, the Royal Family has once again been the talk of the, well, the whole world. The Royal family has always been so fascinating to those in the United Kingdom and the United States since Princess Diana stole the show. Their lives are planned out, have an incredible lack of privacy, and we are obsessed with knowing if they are anything like us at all. Turns out the Royals do normal things, check this out.


They actually love each other!

Sometimes marriages within the Royal family can seem planned, or even stiff. But Prince William and Prince Harry show us they married for love, and being Royal comes second to their wives. So this pic of William and Kate made our day, because it’s normal, it’s flirty, it’s not planned with a wave and security following them everywhere. Are there any other Royal brothers? Sign us up.



They are sports fans!!!

Forget the sophisticated, non-competitive, and having to act a certain way Royals. Sources have said the family actually loves watching and attending sporting events, and even get their frustration and reactive facial expressions caught on camera every now and then. So next time you watch the Super Bowl, just remember the Royal family is with you in your competitive frustrations.



They need to relax too!

Okay this one is our favorite. The Royals are constantly out and about greeting commoners, meeting other world leaders, and giving back to their beloved country. We often forget that the Royals also need their lounge and relaxation, even if the President of the United States is visiting. Prince George CHANGED THE GAME when he stayed up to meet the Obamas but didn’t bother changing out of his robe and slippers. Slay George, slay.



They really are family.

This family is so hyped up in the public eye that people often forget that Prince William and Prince Harry were once just like George, Charlotte, and Louis. They grew up together, they are siblings and always will be. We loved this photo not only because it shows the brotherly competition between their opposing support for Rugby teams, but also just a little bro giving some shade to his big bro.



They grocery shop for themselves!

When we picture the pantry of a Royal Family member, we’re thinking a bedroom that is just full of food fit for, well, a King. We also picture that being done by somebody for the family because they surely are too busy or have never set foot in a grocery store. BUT sources have heard from Prince Harry that he actually buys his own groceries! Now they may not ball on a #budget like us college kids, but it sounds like atleast Harry would walk right into a Walmart or Target and know the drill.


Okay we get it, these are pretty small things, the bigger picture does show that the Royal Family is actually very far from normal. But it’s the little things that keep us okay with not being a prince or princess, so go with it.


Thanks to: https://www.harpersbazaar.com/celebrity/latest/a19684172/does-royal-family-go-grocery-shopping/




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