Sorority Bid Day Compared to Christmas

Growing up the most excitement you ever felt was the night before Christmas. Even when you reach your "cool" teenage years you're never too cool for Christmas morning. Well, that feeling doesn't go away in college. In fact, sorority bid day is similar, if not better, to Saint Nick breaking into your fire place once a year. So here's a play by play of how sorority bid day looks compared to the most wonderful time of the year. 


You've just had a long day honestly just cruising through it, because at this point let's be real, you're beyond over it. All week you have gone from house to house, walked by the house you know want a bid from, and then you again go to all the other one's that don't mean anything to you. You don't need to feel ashamed, lowkey all week you know exactly what house you wanted, but you had to act unbaised. And then when you actually pref your house, you rethink everything and wonder if your decision is actually the right one. Christmas Eve is exactly the same. You are over Christmas Eve before you even get out of bed, walking by the presents you have been waiting to open for the past month. You asked for the gift you had wanted all year long but now that you are actually here, you wonder if you made the wrong choice. You know exactly what you want, but your Mom raised you to "always be thankful," and now the next morning is going to be miserable with unwanted gifts or exciting with exactly what you wanted. 


You wake up instantly. Honestly you probably didn't sleep. You wake up pretty much quicker than Christmas morning and now you are ready with full makeup (fully prepared to throw your new sorority letters in your bid day t-shirts) but the morning doesn't actually begin for another hour. This is when the questioning kicks in and your mind starts to race, excitement and back to fear. That's honestly just college in a nutshell for those of you who didn't already know. Christmas morning is the very same. Whether you're five or twenty, you jump out of bed the minute your parents yell up the stairs for you to come down. But before they do that, you've probably woken up, put on your favorite Christmas PJ's and are now waiting in bed anxiously waiting for the "green light."


Finally when it's time you can break from the dorm and skirt to the Union. But this is the most annoying part because then you are holding your envelope in your hand. So like your sorority is right there. Your next four years is straight up in your hands but they make you wait until EVERYONE SHOWS UP. So when you finally go downstairs on Christmas morning you hold the pair of shoes wanted, the comfort colors shirt Houndstooth embroidered for you, or that iPhone you've been wanting. But it's all wrapped, you can't see it you can only guess, and Mom is making you wait for Grandma and Grandpa to waddle up so they can watch you open your gifts. 


And now finally everyone has shown up. The count down starts and everyone tears open their envelopes, cries, and hugs their new sorority sisters. This is probably the moment you will find yourself being the biggest sorority girl ever in your life. It may not be your proudest moment, but everyone is happy and you finally don't have to go to those other houses and the wait is over. When you open up those gifts on Christmas, Mom's amazing wrapping job aside, your tear through that thing quicker than the Houndstooth Press tears through a box of pizza. You got exactly what you wanted and all is right in your world, and now you can just enjoy your gift rather than worrying if you are going to get what you asked for. 


And now you have run to your new house, and you are wearing your bid day t shirt and loving your house's bid day theme. You've met all your new sisters, and everyone is so excited for you and you have gotten everything you have ever wanted. But what's next? Honestly nothing. Pledgeship, t shirts, and more t shirts. Bid day slows down and you find yourself standing in your new house, empty, surrounded by glitter and streamers. Now you just have to live your life in your new sorority letters, and wait for next year when you get to make a new member's bid day just as exciting as yours. Once you've opened all your gifts on Christmas, the high is over. You find yourself in your living room with wrapping paper covering the floor and there is not one present left to open. So then you go on with your life and love your new gifts and just have to wait for next year.

Merry Christmas and Happy Bid Day!!!


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