Alum Blog Post- Amy McKenna

Our Alum Spotlight this week is featuring Amy McKenna! 

Amy was an Alpha Delta Pi at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. She was a nursing major and has now gone on to sell medical therapeutics! She lives in Orlando, Florida with her husband and two daughters. 

Amy is currently temporarily living in San Francisco for 12 weeks for her career. She is learning more and moving up in her job and how awesome is it to get to do that in the beautiful city of San Francisco! 

When Amy went to UNL for college she didn't know much about the greek life system. She didn't participate in formal recruitment. After a couple months of college, she met a few girls in ADPi and became good friends with them. She decided to participate in open rush. 

Throughout the two weeks of open rush she went to their house multiple times to meet different girls. At the end of the last week a few of the Alpha Delta Pi members came to her dorm room and gave her a bid! 

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Amy told me about the Alpha Delta Pi mixers and formals. Since cell phone pictures were not a thing it college it was a lot harder to get pictures at these events. There was a company called Picture Man that came to all of their events and took pictures of everyone there. The week after they would have proofs sent to their sorority house and were able to pick which pictures they wanted to buy. She still has Picture Man photos of her and her sisters today. 

At the Alpha Delta Pi house, they would have formal dinner once a week. At formal dinner they had to learn dinner etiquette from their house mom. She loved these formal dinners because it was extra time spent with all of her sorority sisters. 

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Amy got to live in her sorority house her sophomore, junior and senior year of college. She told me that if a member didn't want to live in the house they had to apply and give detailed reasons why they couldn't. Each semester they switched roommates and could choose who they wanted to room with!

Amy lived her her pledge mom and daughter one year and loved it! They are all still really close friends even though her pledge mom lives in LA across the country from her! Every time they are together they are all like

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Now-a-days we wear t-shirts and leggings and still talk about how we can't wait to go home and get into sweat pants :// Amy told me that when she was in college more people dressed up for class than people do now. She would put hot rollers in her hair before class each day and she rocked it.  


I don't know if you have ever met a Corn Huskers fan but if you have you know how much school spirit they have. Football game days in Lincoln, Nebraska are a big deal and things were no different when Amy went to school there. All of the greek houses are on one block and they all tailgated together for all of the games! All of her sorority sisters went in the games together and cheered on their boys in red. They looked very similar to this guy...


Amy is really inspired by all of her sorority sisters. She told me a huge amount of her sisters went on to be doctors. Being in a sorority is more than just greek events and making friends. It's about being held accountable by people who really care about you. Amy wouldn't have made it through her science and nursing classes if it weren't for her sisters pushing her to do her best! 

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Amy lived her college days to the fullest and has now gone on to do amazing things with her life including raising two amazing daughters! We were so lucky to have gotten to interview her and learn more about her college experience. She had me wishing I was in college with her just so I could've gotten to hang out with her and her sorority sisters! 


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