Alum Blog Post- Brooke Empson

This week's Alumnae Spotlight is on Brooke Empson! 

Brooke was a Sigma Sigma Sigma in the 2012 pledge class at Truman State University! She was a Speech Pathology major and is currently working to get her masters at Missouri State University! She is very passionate in working with children and can't wait until she is done with her schooling so she can jump into this field! 

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Brooke loved all of the friendships she gained from being in a sorority. She misses being able to spend every day with her sisters because they are all in different cities now. 

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Bid day was Brooke's most memorable experience in college. Early in the day she signed her bid card. She was told which two sororities had her on their list and then she got to pick which one she wanted to pledge. She chose Sigma Sigma Sigma because that was where she felt most at home. Something specific to Truman was singing the college song before running to your specific sorority on Bid Day. 


Bid day is held on a hill on the Truman State University campus. The new members stand on the top of the hill and the current members stand at the bottom. A few new members at a time get called out and they all run down to their chapter at the bottom of the hill. When the current members see that she is running to their chapter they all run and tackle that girl in excitement. Unfortunately, the act of tackling each other got a little too dangerous so Truman State Greek Life had to stop this celebration from happening after Brooke's senior year. 

After Brooke ran to her sorority at the bottom of the hill, she had to find her bid day buddy. This buddy was typically the girl that preffed you the night before. Once everyone has made it safely to their new sorority sisters they all walk together to one of the members houses for a sorority cook out. They all put on their new matching t-shirts that are specific to that years bid day theme. Sigma Sigma Sigma's theme was nautical the year Brooke because a new member. Her senior year theme was called Sigma Squad and they all work jerseys and sweat bands. 

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Brookes favorite function theme was Dynamic Duo. Most people brought dates to this function and coordinated with them. Brooke and her friend Holly decided not to take dates and to go with each other. They dressed up as Lizzy and Miranda from the Lizzy McGuire show!! Brooke was Miranda. She made her hair all crazy like Miranda's and wore a lime green skirt, an old polka dot shirt and combat boots just like Miranda wore in the show! Her second favorite function in college was her Halloween function because she dressed up as Ursala from the Little Mermaid one year. She bought a black and purple long dress and cute the bottom of it to look like tentacles! 

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Brookes second most memorable experience in college was Big/Little Reveal. Two weeks before initiation the Tri Sigma chapter had big/little week where all of the big's gave out gift baskets each week with special Tri Sigma gifts! She got a ton of new t shirts which was her favorite part. When it was finally the end of the week and time for the reveal they all went to a sorority members house. The new members were in one room and the current members were in another. One by one the new members went into the member room with a candle. When they walked in a circle in front of the members the person that was brooke's big blew out her candle! Brooke was lucky enough to get two bigs! Those two girls are still two of Brooke's best friends! 


The 3 years after the year she got her big they changed the reveal process. The bigs now all make boxes and wrap them like a present with their little's name on it! After a countdown they surprise their littles by jumping out of the box!

Her favorite t-shirt she got in college was from her little that she got her Sophomore year! It was a baby blue shirt with a bow tie on it that said, "the tie that vines you together." She thinks it is such a cute shirt and it always reminds her of when she got to officially call one of her best friends her LITTLE!


Although Brooke is still getting her education, she misses when she was at Truman State with all of her sorority sisters. She told me that they were some of the best years of her life and wish it could've lasted longer. 

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