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Today's Alumnae spotlight is on Kayleigh Maas. Kayleigh was a Kappa Delta at the University of Arkansas in the 2012 pledge class. Kayleigh is currently in grad school to get her masters in Psychology! 

Kayleigh Maas was the sorority girl that every freshman was terrified of. Not because she was mean but because she decided if what you did was a good standard for the chapter of Kappa Delta. Kayleigh was the Vice President of standards when she was a Kappa Delta. 

Kayleigh was the girl to decide if your duck face selfie was cute or if it needed to be taken down immediately. Kayleigh decided if your wild night was all fun in games or if it was unacceptable on Kappa Delta's terms. 

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Being on her sororities council was Kayleigh's biggest personal achievement while she was in college. She did a great job of setting her boundaries with the girls in the chapter and gained their respect instead of intimidating them. What she loved most about her position was getting to know all the girls in different contexts. 

Kayleigh's favorite memory while she was a collegiate member of Kappa Delta was when she was on bid day when she was a Junior. She got to pick up her friend on bid day when she was becoming a pledge in Kappa Delta. She loved seeing her face when she found out she was going to be a KD! 

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Kayleigh Maas's favorite function while she was in Kappa Delta was called "Ball is Life." She loved it because she used to play basketball and she got to wear an oversized jersey and Nike shorts out to a party with all of her friends.

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I asked Kayleigh how many sorority t-shirts she got while she was in KD. Her answer? "Literally was too many." 

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She told me she kept a few of the t-shirts that were most special to her which were her senior shirts and her favorite function shirts. "for the most part being in graduate school means I have to wear adult clothes. But when I am feeling like I just want to be comfy my college shirts are my go-to"


I asked her what her bid day was like when she pledged Kappa Delta compared to the other bid days when she was already in the sorority. 

"My bid day was crazy and super exciting to know that I got KD, which was what I wanted. Being a junior and senior and experiencing bid day was another beast altogether because as an older member after recruitment week you are just so ready to meet the new members and it is just so thrilling when you do."

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Kayleigh's favorite sisterhood with her sorority was the year they did Galentines Day! She said they essentially just hung out and ate a ton of chocolate. 

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I asked Kayleigh what it was like getting a big/little. 

"Getting a big was cool because I got to have someone who I could trust to help me through the new member process. Getting a little was similar because I was able to show a new member the ropes." Having a little is a lot like having a minion. She wants to do things just like you. It is a great experience because you get to have someone that really looks up to you and it helps you to do your best so she has a good role model. 

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Kayleigh is still good friends with many of her sorority sisters even if they are all in different places now. They all still talk every week and have lots of plans to visit each other.

We all wish Kayleigh the best of luck while she finishes out grad school. We are so lucky we got to learn more about her and her college/sorority days! She is someone a Panhellenic woman should strive to be like! 


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