Alum Spotlight- Cheryl Weber

Meet Cheryl!

She lives in the Kansas City, Missouri area and has two daughters and two step sons. 

Cheryl was an Alpha Delta Pi at the University of Missouri. She was in the 1985 pledge class. Each pledge class had 50-60 girls. The University of Missouri had 10-12 chapters while she was going to school there. It has grown and now has 16. There are a lot of differences in the way greek life was when Cheryl was in college and how it is now. 

Bid day was a lot different for her pledge class than it is now. When she got her bid it was 3:00 in the afternoon and it was delivered to her dorm room. She liked that it was a more private setting than it is now a days. She didn't like having to wait until that evening to go to her new house and see everyone though. After waiting for hours after finding out her new sorority house she had to wait until that evening to go to their sororities party. 

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There were no themes for bid day while she was in college. The new members got a certain color shirt and the current members all wore a different color shirt but there was not a distinct theme for the day. 

Cheryl's favorite funtion's were barn dance and jeans and gents. Barn dance was always at a country venue where they dressed up country western and square danced. She loved barn dance because there was always a crewneck sweatshirt to order from the sorority. She still has her sweatshirts and wears it to this day. Jeans and gents was her favorite because it was a trick all of her sorority sisters got to play. They would invite their date and tell them that it was a formal function and to come in a suit. When the guys arrived they would all stand at the bottom of the stairs and when the girls came out they would be in jeans and t-shirts! The guys were all like...

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When Cheryl was in college only upperclassman were allowed to live in the sorority house. About 50-60 girls lived in the house. If you were a freshman or sophomore living in the house it was a huge privilege. 

The coolest thing you could wear to class while Cheryl was in college was sweatpants with your fraternity or sorority on the butt......

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The coolest outfit to wear out at night was stir up pants, sweaters and ballet flats. 


Football games at Mizzou were a big deal in the greek life system. There was always a spot in the stadium for each chapter. They wore jeans, t shirts and hoodies to all the games.

Cheryl said that the biggest difference in college then compared to now was the communication. There wasn't a quick and easy way to get in contact with people like it is now-a-days with cell phones. If anyone wanted to contact Cheryl they had to call her dorm and then she had to go down and answer the call if she was there.

The sorority didn't change a lot of plans because it would be too hard to get in contact with everyone to let them know. There was always a bulletin board up at the sorority house that you could look at during the week but other than that you just had to rely on what they told you at chapter meetings or during study hours. 

Cheryl's favorite memories from college are ones that involve her sorority family. In Alpha Delta Pi she had a pledge mom, pledge grandma and a pledge daughter. The week leading up to getting her pledge mom was a scavenger hunt. She would find little things throughout the week hinting at who her mom was. The girls in her sorority family are still some of her best friends today. Her pledge mom lives in the same town she does and both of their daughters grew up dancing together. Now they're all like

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Cheryl was the first person in her family to go to college so she didn't know much about it, let alone greek life. She is so happy for the experiences and opportunities Alpha Delta Pi gave her. 


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