Big Little Basket

How to make the best Little Basket

Big/Little reveal is a time of year when the new sorority members get welcomed and spoiled with presents for a whole week until they find out who will be their Big. This is such an exciting time for everyone involved.  

Rush is over and you are so excited because your "rush crush" joined your sorority! Now all you have to do it convince her to want to be your Little! Yall always hang out for the next few weeks and you get the exciting news that yall matched up to be Big and Little!! You have to think of ways to help welcome her because the reveal is coming up. You dont want to blow racks but you still want the cutest things for the future member of your sorority family. DO NOT STRESS, we are here to help guide you to make a cute and easy basket that your Little will love!

  • where does one even get a basket?

 Hobby Lobby will always have what you need when it comes to crafts but if your looking for an easier route Dollar Stores will help you out. You can use a basket, bucket, gift bags or even a large bowl to put all the goodies in. 

  • get crafty 

Canvases are always a popular choice item to give to Littles! Hold on wait! What if crafting is not your strong point? No worries! Pinterest is always a major helper when it comes to canvas ideas but when in doubt Modge Podge it out! Print a cute picture from the internet and glue it on a canvas and call it a day! You can even throw some glitter on it if you are really feeling it. 

  • t-shirts time

 Remember back in the beginning of freshman year when you were so excited about joining greek life that you bought every shirt that was posted to Houndstooth? Well by the end of the year you realize that your tshirt drawer can't even shut anymore.... The perfect way to fix that problem is to give half to your Little to make room for more! 

  • picture frames

 If you are feeling like you really want to pack the basket full of goodies a picture frame is an easy fun little gift. You can find them almost everywhere to buy or you can even get the ones you paint yourself! Perfect for your Little to capture the moments she has with you her freshman year!

  • Decorate

 Last but not least, decorating the basket! Tulle is the easiest way to me big puffy bows. Of course writting a cute note and stuffing the basket full of their favorite candy and snacks are always accepted. 


Finally there it is you have a cute affordable basket for the future new member of your sorority family! Don't worry, no matter what you give her she will love it and be so excited to meet you!




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