Brittany Chastain: Most Likely To Be A Cat Lady

I would love to start this post with a quote "Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore!", but that would be one hunna percent innaccurate. Meet our Kansas girl, Brittany Chastain! The Houndstooth Press had the privilege to interview this sweet girl and gain some insight on herself, her school, and her sorority! 

Britt is a junior at Kansas State University and is majoring in interior design. She gets use her creativity as Licensing Chairman for her sorority. The Houndstooth Press gets to work closely with Brittany to create unique designs for their sorority t-shirts! Although she is a junior she'll be at K-State finishing up her interior design degree for three more years, which by the way she talks about it, I don't think she'll mind!

She (and her twin, how cool!) joined Delta Delta Delta sorority their freshman year of college. I was sure we could be best friends when I asked her about her favorite part of Tri Delta and she said their chef! I'm pretty sure every girl ever would say the food is one of the best parts of joining a sorority! "A home away from home" is how she describes Tri Delta. How great is it to go back to school and have a place you automatically belong to and feel comfortable in! 

I've never been to Kansas State, but I hear it's like the Manhattan of Kansas! It is very literally the Manhattan of Kansas because that's where it's located-- Manhattan, Kansas. "I never mind walking to all of my classes because the scenery on campus is so enjoyable," Brittany says. If going to class doesn't ruin the scenery, it must be really good. K-State is flat and isn't very spread out and students can walk anywhere on campus in fifteen minutes, which sounds like a dream for a girl going to school in the Ozark Mountains. I asked Brittany to tell us the places we HAVE to go if we ever find ourselves near the Kansas State campus. Apparently "Aggieville" is the place to be (anyone else thinking Texas A&M?). Aggieville is where the town's best restuarants, bars, and shops are. It's a close walk from campus so needless to say-- it's happenin' in Aggieville. If you're the nature type and want to hold a leaf or hug a tree, you've got options! Brittany suggests a drive up to Manhattan Hill to hike the Konza Prairie, a nice trek through the native tallgrass very close to Manhattan.

To finish this post out I've decided to make Brittany sound really weird. Actually don't blame Brittany, blame me, a weird answer to a weird question, it makes sense. When I asked Brittany what food she would be if she could be any food, I was thinking she'd answer with your typical pizza or ice cream answer, but Brittany really came out of left field with this one. Her answer, Crab Rangoon. I'll be honest, I had to Google it. So after some extensive research I understand it to be a deep fried dumpling filled with cream cheese and meat, in this case crab. I'm anticipating a large backlash for not knowing what this food is, but thanks Brittany for enlightening me. 

Finally addressing the bizarre title, of course it stems from my question to Brittany, what's your spirit animal? You guessed it, her answer was cat. She loves cats so much she even won her pledge class award "Most Likely to Become a Cat Lady". Brittany, I personally think that should go on your resume. Consider yourself hired for any job you could ever want.

Brittany has us sold on K-State, Tri Delta, cats, and Crab Rangoon. "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams," Eleanor Roosevelt. We believe in the beauty of your dreams, girl! Keep being awesome! And go Wildcats! (I had to Google that, too.)


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