Can we wear t-shirts yet?

If you're anywhere near the East Coast you may have been jokingly asking this question during your first snow storm but are now begging for answers as some of you battle record-low temperatures with record-high snowfall.

An article by the L.A. Times even recently posted an sincere apology to their across nation neighbors in an article titled "Sorry Boston, we'll stay in L.A. this winter." The West Coast heat hogs are seeing record high winter temperatures in the 60's and can easily bare their bronzed arms in a chilling word the Northerners call 'tank tops'

The groundhog may have predicted another 3 weeks of winter but he sure didn't define what constituted as 'winter'. With spring just around the corner and everyone around is wondering when is it acceptable to wear a t-shirt'? And a perfect question that is.

From the East Coast to the West Coast and every state sandwiched in-between the ideal t-shirt season may span over a couple of months due to recent climate patterns and below is a prediction of when those months may fall in your regions.

The lucky Southern states start lifting those weights and get your guns ready because come April your weather will reach those arm bearing days. That's you:

- Georgia
- South Carolina
- Texas
- Tennessee
- Louisiana
- Florida


Come May the middle half of the nation can toss your lettered sweatshirts and break free from the arm warmer restraints because your t-shirt collection is waiting. That's you:

- Chicago
- Colorado
- Nevada
- Kansas
- Nebraska
- Iowa


And last but not least come June the rest of the nation is welcome to join in the majority. Ya we'll call ya a little fashionably late... That's you:

- Massachusetts
- New York
- Minnesota
- Wisconsin



Whether your feet are covered in sand or snow, take a moment to brush them off and grab your calendar and mark your month because your t-shirts desperately need you just as much as you earn for them. Take the rest of your time now to enjoy the final days in your most comfort sweatshirt or tank and before you know your storm will blow over and it will only be a distant memory, and hey why not let that memory be the design on your next t-shirt creation... we can help.









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