Chipotle and The Houndstooth Press

When you think of Chipotle what is the first thing that comes to mind?

is it the custom ability of their choices, or the succulent size of their tasty burritos, or the quality of unprocessed , whole ingredients?

If you've been at all connected to the news lately some of your biggest Chipotle dreams are about to come true. Yes, Chipotle has just announced its plans to start bringing burritos and burrito bowls straight to your front door! No need to pinch yourself because dreams really do come true.

Chipotle’s delivery service is available in 67 select cities, including Washington D.C. and major cities within the states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Nevada, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington. And if you're lucky enough to be in any of those areas then you can vouch for us and describe the convenience of being able to sit in the confines of your own house and order your custom meal with the swipe of a finger.

Of course Forbes online has mapped out the percent increase of sales that Chipotle has seen with the launch of their delivery system. And everyone is impressed.

So what exactly does Chipotle have to do with custom screenprinted t-shirts?

The Houndstooth Press has always placed a ton of emphasis on the importance and convenience that delivery serves to any customer and so gracefully respects Chipotle's new leap into the delivery field. It takes a lot of attention to receive a specific custom order and make sure from step one that the order is completed with the utmost precision. Can you imagine paying for your 8$ burrito only to have it show up at your front door and it wasn't a burrito? The Houndstooth Press understands this concern and as a custom screenprint business has made the company promise to deliver exactly what your mind may put together at the time you need it. Every t-shirt that rolls out of our press has you in mind. We want to deliver you the burrito of all burritos (or the shirt of all shirts) and where and whenever that may be The Houndstooth Press knows the importance of a custom order.

So while you sit and wait patiently for your next burrito to show up at your door maybe don't hesitate to browse our past designs for your next custom t-shirt order...

We've shipped from coast to coast, California to New York, and it's always FREE!!!!! That's right, FREE! With The Houndstooth Press the design and group shipping are always free. That's a promise!

Let your creativity run wild and let your dreams come to life, and if you can dream it up we can deliver and no charge for extra guac in your design!



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