Comfort Colors T-Shirt Size Guide

A custom t-shirt from The Houndstooth Press is more than just a piece of clothing.

Our t-shirts serve as a physical reminder of some of your favorite memories, which is why you want your t-shirts to fit perfectly. But, are you constantly torn on which size to order? Just how small is the small? Is an XL going to be too roomy? Lucky for you, we understand the importance behind this decision.  Below, we have laid out our most accurate Comfort Colors size to make your decision just a little bit easier!


If you generally order smalls, all of your t-shirts probably fit perfectly in a single drawer! It’s a rumor that you pay cheaper prices for most of your clothes because of the smaller amount of fabric that goes into making them. Better yet, your dog wears the same size as you, and he really does look great in your t-shirt. Everyone looks great in t-shirts printed by The Houndstooth Press! 


You're about to place your next t-shirt order, and so many thoughts are running through your mind. Those smalls just weren't cutting it. You realize your dryer may be a culprit in the tightness of your clothes. You also know that "dress well, test well" was a myth created by someone who never ordered the right t-shirt size. You decide that after you graduate, your t-shirts will make the perfect quilt. It's now an hour before the t-shirts come offline, so that means you've got approximately 60 minutes to make a lifelong decision. Medium it is.


By now you're a veteran when it comes to ordering t-shirts. You've also learned the truth behind the saying, "the bigger the better." As far as the weather goes, you need a t-shirt that pairs well with both Nike shorts and leggings. You've got a larger than life personality that no t-shirt is big enough to cover up. One size fits all? No way. Once you order larges, you never go back.

Extra Large

Feeling claustrophobic? An XL is the answer to your prayers. An XL t-shirt is the perfect attire whether you're asleep in one of the multiple beds at your sorority house or you're still asleep in your 8 a.m. class. It's the best size for any occasion. You can never go wrong with an XL!

No matter what size you order, both your t-shirts and the designs printed on them will forever be the physical memories that fill your drawers and your hearts.


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