In a Cotton State of Mind

There's nothing more comfortable than a cotton t-shirt.

But where is the comfort derived? In the end it comes down to the cotton.

The Houndstooth Press happens to share its roots in the very state where cotton production is ranked 3rd nationwide. Nestled in the southern half of the United States sits the Natural state of Arkansas, founded June 13, 1836.

According to an article written by Susan Hayhurst, Arkansas's 2012 cotton production crop-year produced 1.3 million bales from nearly 600,000 acres valued at $420 million.

The Encyclopedia of Arkansas provides an outline of the birth of cotton in the southern state and describes the growth of the plant throughout the years. In 1850 the article describes one of the benefits that Arkansas had was the Arkansas River Valley terrain.

"After 1850, commercial agricultural in the Delta eclipsed subsistence farming. Cotton became the dominant crop as white Americans discovered that the alluvial soil typically produced about fifty percent more cotton than the state’s average pounds per acre,"

If you ever find your self in the Houdndstooth Press area Arkansas is even home to a Plantation Agricultural Museum. So while you wait for your cotton t-shirts to be hand printed you can stop by and see the actual buildings that once housed the cotton that may have been the base to your great great grandmothers bid day tee.

Check out the museum here and be sure to check out past Houndstooth designs to inspire your next cotton creation


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