Doggie Date Night

We all have that best friend.

You know, not the one that calls you in the middle of the day to chat, or the one that drives to your house with a pizza and a movie. I'm talking about the one that greets you the moment you walk home with a wagging tail and a slobbery kiss. I'm talking about the best friend that doesn't judge you for your messy hair and your mismatched socks or your tendency to nap in the middle of a perfectly nice day. Even though they will never have apposable thumbs, they never talk back or argue! They are the best friend that you know will always be there for you no matter the time, place, or situation.

Take a break and have some BFF time with your dog. Here are some great ways to pass the time!

1. Grab the leash and go on a run

2. Pop some old fashioned pupcorn

3. Start a TV show together

4. Clear your passenger seat and go for a drive

5. Have a good ol' sleepover

6. Visit a dog park that you've never been to

7. Make your own dog treats

8. Have a Beethoven movie marathon

9. Bury a bone together

10. End your day with a dog makeover!

And no matter what, keep that BFF spirit alive.


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