The Do's and Don'ts of Recruitment for Members

So, you made it through freshman year and now you’re a big bad sophomore who gets to do recruitment from the other side, look at you! Now you don’t have to stand in line outside the houses, wear matching t-shirts with every other hopeful PNM and pray you don’t have the same shorts as everyone else, and you get to be in the air conditioning all day long. Not only that, but you get to talk to the PNMs and chant while they walk in and awkwardly sit in front of them and make conversation flow. However, just like when you’re a PNM, there are things you should do, and things you definitely should NOT do, and we’re here to help you out. 

Recruitment is long. You thought being a PNM was the longest week of your life, being in the heat, every day for a week, you’re tired and confused and trying to choose the house you wanna call home. But you’ll realize how easy PNMs have it once you do rush from the other side. If no one warned you, let us: it’s hard work. You have long days. You don’t sleep. But you have work week first. So, you have a two week long rush with little sleep and lots to do. Fair warning.

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DO: Have a good attitude, and know that the days are long, but you also have the opportunity to get to know girls in your chapter you haven’t really talked to before. Take advantage of all that time with your sisters to get to know the people you don’t know all that well.

DON’T: Do NOT complain about how tired you are. Everyone is tired, and the recruitment team is more tired than any of you. You’re lucky to be there, and complaining is not productive.

You’re gonna be tired. Look, you’re probably gonna have to come to work week really early. Or at least, earlier than you’ve been waking up all summer. You very well might have to show up at 8:00, and stay until 8:00 at night. That’s kinda how it goes, there’s a lot to do. And during rush week, your days are only gonna get longer. You’re up before the PNMs and in bed around midnight, probably. If you’re lucky. You will not get sleep. 

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DO: Get as much sleep as you can. Put your phone away when you get home, get right into bed, and sleep as much as you possibly can. Caffeine is key. If there’s an opportunity during the rush days where napping is allowed, because they’ll probably give you some breaks, take the opportunity. 

DON’T: Scroll through Instagram in your bed after getting home, because girl, that’s dangerous. You’re gonna end up stalking your cousin’s boyfriend’s classmate’s brother who happens to be a sophomore at the University of Someplace Far Away. Go to bed, girl.

Coffee is so important. If you have a coffee maker at home, drink your coffee at home because it’ll save you money. Or, if you got them gift cards, hit up Starbucks and treat yo self to that extra shot of espresso. It’s so important to stay awake, and coffee is always a good idea. If you don’t like coffee, find some source of caffeine. You’re a college student. You know how to stay awake. 

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DO: If you’re going the Starbucks route, tip your baristas. Seriously, it’s rush, and Starbucks employees that are there in the morning have been at work since 5 am. They know what it’s like to be tired and have to do things they’re too tired to do. Be nice to them, because they’re probably serving hundreds of sorority girls every day who are all going through rush, on top of regular customers. Be nice. Tip them.

DON’T: Be snippy with baristas. Seriously, people LOVE finding reasons to call sorority girls mean, or spoiled, or rude. They can’t call you mean if you’re not mean. And if you are, they’re gonna look at the letters on the back of your car when you pull out of the drive through, and will forever hate your chapter. People love hating sorority women, for whatever reason. Do not give them reason to, you’re better than that.

Treat every girl like she’s your top girl. We all have rush crushes, and we all get so excited when our rush crush comes to the house. But just because you picked up a girl who isn’t your rush crush, doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve your best. Remember how Buddy the Elf says to "treat every day like Christmas"? It's like that. She does. Every single girl who comes through rush is worth being loved. Even if she isn’t gonna join your sorority, because we can’t take everybody and not everybody fits in the same house, make sure she feels loved. Not treating her like she’s important will be her first impression of your sorority, and you don’t want someone thinking your entire house is rude or standoffish.

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DO: Treat girls like they’re all gonna be members, because they very well could be. You never know if you’re talking to someone else’s rush crush, and even if she doesn’t join a sorority at all, first impressions are so important. You represent your house to every girl you talk to. 

DON’T: Be standoffish and rude to girls who are clearly not fitting in. You’d think this doesn’t need to be said, but it happens. Look, maybe she’s clearly not interested. But don’t treat her like someone who’s just gonna walk out of the house and be forgotten. Nobody wants to feel unimportant. 

Remember how special rush was when you were a PNM. We know that we do the same party over and over all day, some parties for 2 days depending on the size of your school and amount of girls rushing. So it’s easy to get a little robotic towards the end of the day. But remember that it’s like being in a play: you’ve got a new group of people experiencing this for the first time, it doesn’t matter that you’ve sang the same welcome song 8 times today. They haven’t heard it yet.

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DO: Have a good attitude and keep your energy up. Yeah, you’re human, you get tired, but remember how much fun it was the first few times that day and keep that mindset. Rush is a lot of fun, but anything can get a little monotonous. Just keep that energy up and encourage your sisters, because that’s why we’re here.

DON’T: Put half your energy into it, because the girls can tell if you’re bored/frustrated/over it. The PNMs will be uncomfortable and not wanna be there if you don’t even wanna be there. 

The biggest DO of recruitment for members is to remember why we’re here. Remember how much you love your sisterhood, and rush is a good way to start the year off right. Get involved, volunteer to be part of as much as possible, because it’s just that much more enjoyable when you feel involved. Have fun and go get your girls, and if all else fails, just use the Dwight approach.

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