The Do's and Don'ts of Recruitment for PNMs

Some of us have older sisters, friends, or even our moms who know how the whole rush process works. What do say, how to do your hair, whether or not you should wear your nicest shorts with your matching rush tees because you have to stand out somehow, the whole nine yards.  But not all of us are this fortunate, and some of us are new to the world of recruitment. So get ready, we’ve got all the tips you need for surviving recruitment.

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Less is more. Unless we’re talking about deodorant, less is more during recruitment. We’re talking makeup, ladies. We know you know how to do the most glam smokey eye, the sharpest contour, the boldest lip, and the most rockin’ eyebrows anyone has ever seen. But bear in mind that you wouldn’t rock all of your strongest makeup looks at the same time on a normal day, so you definitely don’t wanna do it during rush. The active members wanna meet PNMs and get to know them for who they truly are, so unless you wear nighttime makeup every day of your life, just stick with the simple stuff. Plus, if you’re going through recruitment in August, all that makeup is just gonna sweat off anyway. Gross.

DO: Wear the amount of makeup you're comfortable wearing, and do your hair as close to natural as possible. Remember, the style has to hold up all day.

DON'T: Wear way more makeup than you usually do, and don't curl your hair and make it huge if you've got flatter hair and you know it'll be flat in two hours.

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More deodorant is always a good idea. So we don’t wanna overdo it with the makeup and the hair, but let’s be real, even if you’re doing spring recruitment, it’s still a nerve-wracking process. And let’s be honest with ourselves, ladies: it’s easy to sweat a little when you’re nervous. Especially if you’re doing fall recruitment, though, deodorant is sooo important. We know you’re not allowed to carry much, but if you do carry one thing, it better be deodorant. Just trust us, you’ll thank us later. 

DO: Wear deodorant. Reapply. 

DON'T: Mistake deodorant with lots of perfume/body spray. While these are good things, do NOT overdo them.

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No one will remember what you wore. If you’re a PNM and you’re stressin’ about what shorts to pair with your daily rush t-shirts, you know, the shirts that literally every PNM is given to wear, don’t stress. You’re already wearing the same shirt as literally everyone, and sure, some cute shorts can be a conversation starter, and a rockin’ pair of shoes can give you something to talk about, and a simple necklace is always a good idea. But I promise you, as someone who has done rush from the other side, we do not remember by the end of the day what you wore. Unless you wore something that looked truly horrible, like your slippers and pajama shorts, odds are, we don’t remember. And truth be told, we don’t really care. You’re not getting a bid because of your cute shorts. It’s what’s inside that counts. So dress to impress, but don’t stress. 

DO: Wear something you feel cute in, but also comfortable. 

DON'T: Wear your cutest, albeit least comfortable, outfit possible just to look impressive.

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Do NOT talk about other houses. You may think, duh, why would I talk about other houses while in a certain house? But you would be surprised: it happens every year in every house. Why? No idea. But without fail, there are several PNMs who feel the need to talk about “well I hated such and such house,” which is already so rude, or maybe even something positive, like “I loved the philanthropy day at Alpha Chi Omega.” Even when it’s positive, it’s just kinda awkward. You don’t get too much time in each house, spend that time talking about the house you’re in. Even if you know you’re not a good fit for that house, these members have worked so hard to put on a good recruitment for everyone, not just their future pledge class. Give them the respect that they have given you.

DO: Talk about the house you're in. Ask questions about their philanthropy, sisterhood events, ways to get involved. Find things in common with the girls talking to you.

DON'T: Talk about other houses. For any reason. It's just really awkward. I promise you, the girl you're talking to has NO idea how to respond to a negative (or even positive) comment about another house. Even if it is a nice thing about another house, just don't.

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Don’t be a Miss New Snooty. You may have been the HBIC of your high school, but let me let you in on a little college secret: no one cares who you were in high school. No one. Not even a little bit. Sure, it’s fun to talk about what activities you did in high school, because it’s a common ground you can have with a person. You were in choir? I was in choir!! But humility goes a long way in life, so if you treat other people with a snooty attitude because you were hot stuff in high school, you’re not gonna get very far. College girls don’t have time for mean girls, and maybe you’re not trying to be mean, but remember that you are not better than anyone. Treating people like they’re beneath you? Not srat. We like being nice to each other and respecting others. That’s srat.

DO: Be respectful. Understand that you're in a new place, and allow yourself to be who you are without bragging about Who You Are (In High School). Seriously, can't stress it enough, nobody got time for rude girls in college. Oh, and Greek unity is a real thing. That house that you're dying to get into? You might be swerving on her BFF, or even her roommate. Be kind to everyone. People talk.

DON'T: Treat girls (other PNMs or members in houses) like you're better than them. Girl, other people deserve your respect. They don't need to earn it.

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You’re not gonna like every house. Don’t be fake, but like we said, don’t be prissy. You are not gonna like every house you visit. And guess what? That’s fine. If you fit in with every house, you would never be able to make a decision. However, just because you don’t love a certain house, doesn’t mean you should be fake. It’s extremely misleading to act like you’re in love with a house just to be nice, because they might really like you and think you’re interested. But you shouldn’t be a jerk about it either. Just treat them with respect, because they deserve your respect, and don’t mislead them. It doesn’t do anyone any favors. 

DO: Be kind, because you might make a lot of great friends in a house even though you don't fit in there. Greek unity is awesome. Also, you never know who has friends in other houses. If you're rude or you act like you love the house, you might be talking to a girl whose best friend is in the house you want. Be genuine.

DON'T: Be overly interested in a house you're not interested in, because that's fake. Also don't be rude just because you don't wanna join their house. Like I said, you might make some awesome friends in that house in your college career.

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Have fun and be yourself. I know, I know, your mom probably has that stitched on a pillow. But seriously, if you aren’t yourself, you won’t find the house where you feel at home. You’re a worthwhile person, you’re a wonderful person just as you are, and you can find just as many people who love and appreciate you for who you are and will be your family for the next 4 years. Seriously, don’t join a house if you don’t feel like yourself. Because the beauty of joining a sorority is finding people who make you feel like you’re home when you’re away from home. Be yourself, seriously, because who you are is awesome. You are enough, you are worthwhile, you are a rockstar. Good luck, and go find your new homegirls in your new home, girl. 

DO: Be you. Beyoncé said so, need I say more?

DON'T: Be someone you're not just to get into your dream sorority. Don't pretend to be a certain way just to impress girls, because you may end up in a house you're not happy in. Don't ignore Beyoncé's advice. Bey wants you to be yourself.


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