Every Sorority Girl's Thoughts During Big/Little Week

It'd be really convenient if your little in your sororitiy's name was "Romeo". Hahah... am I right, ladies? Like that transition into this post, the transition into freshman year can be awkward, and you need some people around you to make it easier. That's exactly what having a big is like, a guru to guide you through freshman year. Having a big is having someone to binge watch The Bachelor with, having someone to binge eat cookies with, and having someone that has been through what you're going through. Once you're someone's little all you want is to be someone's big. You want so badly to repay someone else with all of the good things your big did for you. Big/little week is like Christmas for sorority girls! These are some thoughts every little turning big has...

I hope they like me!

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I'm gonna be the BEST. BIG. EVER. (imagine the cup says "World's Best Big")


The overwhelming fear that your little is actually gonna be really LITTLE and she's wearing your large tshirts like...

Tumblr N1Laz5Ymka1Rt5Ctno2 250

You spend every penny in your bank account because you can never give your little too much!


You leave her notes that try to throw her off so she doesn't know you're her big...
ex. I'm a 4'6'' man with killer sideburns 


When she brings up big/little reveal and you're like, "Yeah, you're probably gonna hate her..." and then you sit there like this...


You start referring to her as your little sister and people are super confused when they look at your actual family photos and they look at you like...


Your big becomes a grand big and she feels a thousand years old... 

Tumblr Mbtqcsgpj51Rvo8Ws

You want to make the cutest crafts for your little, but they all end up kinda like...

6357269453036069741433406895 Blender Explode Home Improvement 

And on reveal night you're so nervous, but excited!



And when you finally get to hug your little, it's the greatest!

Tumblr Inline Nmc0R2Ejlm1Rddya1

And you're like this for about a week...

Tumblr Inline Mjcm0Ktyeb1Qz4Rgp

And you're one big happy family! :) 

Tumblr Mq44Koffop1S8Hnhko1 250

We can't wait for you guys to find your little sisters and big sisters! :)


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