Everything you could ever want to know about Comfort Colors

Most of us are familiar with Comfort Colors, but how much do we really know about what makes this brand so great? This blog will tell you everything you want to know about the brand that everyone loves!

A look into the history of comfort colors

Comfort Colors was started in 1975 by Barry T. Chouinard. He was only 24 years old at the time! Located in Northfield, Vermont, Comfort Colors is one of the nations top suppliers of cotton apparel. They describe themselves best with the following quote: 

"At Comfort Colors we are known for our colors and textures. As a garment graphics professional, you are known for your designs and slogans — on the right background."

Comfort Colors gives The Houndstooth Press the ability to print and present our custom artwork on the just right background. More specifically, the company offers over 78 different colors of t-shirts!

Just how comfortable are these t-shirts?

The comfort that this brand provides can be traced  to the cut and quality of the cotton. The trick? Comfort Colors uses ring-spun cotton. The company goes into further detail on their website:

"Ring-spinning is a system of cotton production that uses thinner, stronger fibers twisted together to make a yarn. The yarns create a much softer, more durable fabric. Ringspun cotton has a soft hand, a smooth surface, and is more durable than other cotton, that’s why we use it in our t-shirts."

The cut of the cotton also gives Comfort Colors the added element of comfort. The company speaks to the cut of their cotton when they say:

"It gives your skin room to breathe. While tight-fitting clothing is fashionable and can look fabulous, there are certain risks involved in wearing it all the time."

In the end, Comfort Colors says that their comfort lies in your attitude when you're in the shirt.  

"You can be yourself in these shirts. This is the time you can be most creative and most relaxed. Think of donning the shirt as a way to slip back into that Saturday feeling of youth. These shirts last so long, you may still have one from then…"




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