The Evolution of the T-Shirt

The Evolution of the T-Shirt

As with all fashions, the t-shirt has changed drastically over time. 

One of the most memorable speeches I have heard from an alumni of my sorority included her bringing some visual aids with her (old function t-shirts.) They were definitely from the 80's! They featured throwback graphics and were even sponsored by alcohol distributors! This era brought on the popularity of t-shirts to display your personality.

The 80's were the days of high waisted jeans and BIG hair. Your t-shirts were a way to brag about your sorority or fraternity on campus. 

The 90's brought the days of crop tops and "strategically cutting" t-shirts in a way to show way more skin than neccessary. T-shirt clips also became a popular way to tie up your shirts with style! Any true 90's baby will remember these!


The early 2000's brought the age of wearing t-shirts to class, but also looking preppy! Sorority girls and guys wore their shirts to fit like the rest of their wardrobe. I know! The horror!!

Present day style has evolved the t-shirt into not only a wardrobe staple, but a way of life. Our greek life generation is wearing the oversized shirts and leggings in any setting we can. We go to class, eat, sleep, work out, work, and even give presentations in the style that defines our life. 

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