The Evolution of Your T-Shirt Relationship

It happens to everyone.

You start losing drawer space. All your hangers are full. Even the secret labyrinth under your bed is starting to peek out from underneath your bed skirt. Then the inevitable happens. You either pull the "it's not you, it's me" card, or you make the decision to stick it out. No, I'm no talking about your significant other; I'm talking about your relationship with your accumulating collection of t-shirts. We've all been there and for all the newbies, here's a breakdown of the typical whirlwind t-shirt romance.

The Beginning

You remember those days, don't you? After waiting just a short week (a surprisingly quick turnaround time, thanks to The Houndstooth Press) for your shirt to arrive, the day is finally here. You wait in line while your t-shirt chair passes them out until finally that gem is in your hands. It's the honeymoon stage, the period when you get butterflies in your stomach the minute you pull your new t-shirt over your head. Nothing could come between you two. Class? You were wearing your new t-shirt. Hanging with friends? Wearing your new t-shirt. Sleeping? I think you can see where this is going.

Stability Stage

Things have gotten serious between you and your not-so-new t-shirt. Sometimes you don't wear it with your snazziest leggings or maybe you spill salsa on it, but it doesn't judge you. This is also the comfort stage. You've seen each other at your best, your worst, and all at every time in-between.

The Power Struggle

It happens. You're looking at your chapter's t-shirt wall on The Houndstooth Press's website and there it is: the newest, cutest, srattiest shirt you've ever seen. You have to have it. Swipe goes the credit card. Uh oh. What will your old bae (former beloved t-shirt) think of this indiscretion? Well it can't expect you to NEVER look at other t-shirts. I mean c'mon, that's just so unrealistic. Am I right? Right????

Then the shirt comes in. You bring it home. There's no room in your drawers for the new t-shirt so you do the unthinkable and move your old shirt to the black hole that exists under your bed.


Obviously no girl is a one t-shirt kinda gal. So you have a couple of options:


After you get over the initial love hangover, you know it's best to move on with your life. You simply no longer have room for this certain t-shirt. Maybe it was an ex's formal t-shirt that you got as a gift or a small that you ordered as a freshman (amateur hour). Regardless, it's time to let it go. Don't cry though, your old t-shirt can still go to a good home! Whether you have a little, grand little, or still have a rush crush on a new member, donate your old t-shirt so that it can go on to live another day.


You push through and make it work. You keep only the best custom designs or the most flattering Comfort Colors. While you might only wear certain t-shirts once a month, they still hold a special place in your heart because you share a bond that can never be broken. You've said to your shirt, "I don't need you. I choose you knowing all I know about you, including the good, the bad and the ugly (but if you ever get a hole I'm putting you in my t-shirt quilt)."

That's it.

This is your guide to navigating relationships in college. Luckily, no matter which option you choose, The Houndstooth Press will always have more custom designed t-shirts for you to purchase, and that's a beautiful thing!


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