An Exhaustive List of Questions We Ask our Dads While at College

Dads are super heroes. You may not have realized just how much your dad did for you until you left for college. Now you're lost 98% percent of the time and have no idea what you're doing. Here is an exhaustive list of all the questions you ask your dad as a college student: 

Where is the spare key to my car?

How long does a left over hamburger stay good?

What's this light on my car's dashboard mean?

What about this one?

Or this one?

Where's the nearest mechanic?

How long can I drive after the gas light comes on?

How do I use a screw driver?

Why isn't mom answering her phone?

Will you tell mom to call me back?

Why do boys suck so much?

What did he really mean when he said "see you later"?

What did he really mean when he said "good to see you"?

What did he really mean when he said "hi"?

Will you beat him up?

My air conditioner sounds weird.... who do I call for that?

How do I use a toilet plunger?

Can I have a few extra dollars for dinner?

Can I have a few extra dollars for beer?


Why is mom mad at me?

Will you tell mom to stop being so crazy?

What's my bank account number?

What's my social security number?

What's my Google Drive password?

Where can I cash this check?

My snot is lime green, is that normal?

Am I gonna die?

Will I really get cancer from drinking 3 diet cokes a day?

I haven't been to the doctor in 3 years... is that bad?

Is going to the dentist mandatory?

How do I make a doctor's appointment?

Do I make a dentist appointment the same way?

Ugh, will you just call for me?

How do I register to vote?

How do I grill a hamburger?

I think I did it wrong, will I get food poisoning?

Am I gonna die?

What do I say when I quit my job?

What if I cry?

What kind of batteries does my smoke detector need?

I left my curling iron on, am I going to burn my apartment down?

Do I have insurance for that?

What kind of milk do we usually buy?

My milk is only 3 days expired, can I still drink it?

My car died at work.... how do I jump the engine?

Am I gonna get electrocuted?

How do I get the hair out of my drain?

Wait.... I don't want to do that. Will you pay somebody to do that for me?

How do I spell defiantly? Definately? Definitely? 

How did I graduate from high school?

How do I get a flu shot?

How much do flu shots cost?

Will you pay for that?

I watched a movie illegally last night... does my computer have a virus?

How do I get rid of a virus?

Will you pay for that?

What would I do without you?

Will you come give me a hug?

Can I move back in with you?

It doesn't matter how old you get, you'll always need your dad. 


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