When You A FIJI You A FIJI Forever

That moment when you and your squad roll so deep that you get together in a dorm room, start a fraternity that now has over 170,000 members, and get dubbed the "Immortal Six." 

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No, like this actually happened. In 1842, some absolute bros got together and said, you know what? Let's just do this. Secret society time it is. They adopted their Constitution and decided Founder's Day would be May 1st. 

How serious is this bro-hood, you ask? Pretty freakin' serious. 

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One of the mottos used frequently in FIJI is, "Not for college days alone." FIJI is a fraternity that values it's graduated members just as much as it values it's current ones. Rather than calling the members that have graduated "alumni," FIJI's use the term "Post Collegiate Members" to emphasize that the FIJI brotherhood isn't just for your college years. They want the membership of thier Fraternity to be as significant as the "Immortal Six" believed it to be. To honor the Post Collegiate Members, FIJI holds it's annual Pig Dinner to thank them for their continued support and brotherhood. 

Pig Dinner... more like (Eat Like A) Pig Dinner! Am I right?

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^Me waiting for you guys to laugh at that joke.

Ok, you don't have to think my joke is funny, but you have to give FIJI mad props for honoring their graduated members as well as they do. 

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The Phi Gamma Delta Pig Dinner is a dinner named after famous author and member of FIJI, Frank Norris. This dinner is all about appreciating those older bros. The current members invite graduated brothers back for dinner at their chapters. This event has happened every year since 1893 and is the longest running, annual event for graduated members. These FIJIs ain't playin' when they say they love their members long time. 

Not to mention, their Greek letters are so sacred they have bylaws about what they can and cannot put them on. Again, NOT PLAYIN'. They want to make sure their letters cannot be easily destroyed so they can only put them on their house, their badges, and their graves............ pretty legit stuff. So as far as FIJI t-shirts go, we make it work. The Phi Gamma Delta bylaws allow chapters to put FIJI, Phi Gam, or Phi Gamma Delta on stuff that could be more prone to damage. When it's sacred, it's sacred. 

Arkansas Fiji Function

Stay Coolidge: Famous FIJIs

Phi Gamma Delta's are pretty smart to keep in touch with their former bros, because who knows? They could become The Bro of the United States (also known as the President). There's some pretty famous brethren comin' outta Phi Gam. One of them being the coolest *wink* President of the United States...

Calvin Coolidge

I tried so hard to find a picture of Calvin Coolidge dabbing but the internet is just not there yet. If it existed, this is where it would be.

Johnny Carson


I don't know about you, but I would want to be related to this man (no, I'm not talking about the monkey.) Talk show host of The Tonight Show and comedian, Johnny Carson, was a FIJI at the University of Nebraska. 

Jim Gaffigan 

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When a man can describe all of college in just one phrase, you know he's the real deal. Stand-up comedian, Jim Gaffigan, was a Phi Gamma Delta at Purdue University. 

Seth Meyers

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You may know him as Stefan's best friend, but FIJIs all around the world know him as brother. Seth Meyers is an actor, writer, producer, comedian, and host of Late Night with Seth Meyers, that attended Northwestern University. 

Jack Nicklaus

Nicklaus Putt On 17

Last, but certainly not least, Professional Golfer, Jack Nicklaus. He's a pretty awesome claim to fame being arguably the best golfer of all time. Known as "The Golden Bear," he won 19 major championships over a span of 25 years. He was a brother at Ohio State University.


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