These are the 5 letters that determine your entire school year, they sum up every sweat and tear you have shed for a whole semester and around this time are finalized by a cumulative amount of information condensed into a 4 page test of questions with answers labeled a, b, c, d, and e. You’re thinking why everything in your life has to be summed up by a couple of letters and how there’s a 1/5 chance to either answer correctly and a 4/5 chance to answer in-correctly. The preparation you take before taking each test requires days of sleepless nights, shower-less days, caffeinated drinks, and all for 5 simple letters. I can count countless articles on "the struggles of finals week" or "surviving finals" or "stu(dying)" and not once have I seen one giving finals week a positive connotation.

in fact Buzz Feed and The Odessey have both numbered the very typical week with descriptions and images just in case you do not know what I am talking about.

So, what ever happened to creativity, whatever happed to short answers, open-ended questions, extra credit doodles. Finals should be a time to celebrate the things you’ve learned throughout your college life whether that be in or out of the classroom. Finals should be cumulative test of all your friends you’ve gained all the secrets you’ve shared and memories you’ve made. Finals should be evaluated on the criteria of the knowledge you’ve applied to every single hour of your life since the last time you had finals.

We all realize the need for reform when it comes to the end of the year evaluations and then we must come to the conclusion that the need may or may not ever be recognized so you ask what to do instead? The Houndstooth Press has been brainstorming since 1992 how to help bring creativity to places and people everywhere who are unable to express their creativity freely. Houndstooth has then since been the outlet for thecreatively suppressed to express all of their events, thoughts, designs, and frustrations into one of multiple and thousand of custome designs.

If is rumored that finals are just an excuse to wear your favorite slouchy t-shirts that have somehow summed up your entire college career. Your lucky one, your most comfy one, your prettiest one, your mom's favorite, your significant others, each shirt a reminder thatcreativity still exists. No matter how many hours youve stayed up slaving away reading and memorizing 12pt font in the corner of the library or how many no2 pencils you've bought and used and borrowed your shirt is a reminder of why you're doing it all. It's for theirreplaceable memories. It's for the little bit of creative escape from the 5 letters that have stolen your life from a week. So all those events that led up to finals are just as big as a part of your life as the big test itself.

You know what they always say, "you dress well, you test well." And the Press believes s t-shirt is the perfect dress. so when it comes to dress let the Houndstooth Press take some of that burden and give you your creativity back during one of the most stressful times of your life without sacrificing comfort and time when finals week already does that.

and until the we must hope for change in the rush of finals week and in the meantime here are some real life finals tips to ease some of the stress.




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