Frocket Functionality

The frocket. A word that is used on college campuses across the country. It’s that super convenient front pocket on your favorite Comfort Colors t-shirt.

We are working on getting it added to Webster’s Dictionary (if “selfie” made it, there has to be some hope). We"ll get back to you on that!

So, what do you do with that cute little thing? It most likely has your Greek letters or the date of a function printed on it, but there is so much more to it!

Frockets are not only a great design element, they’re also functional.

Do you misplace your phone regularly? We have the solution for you. Store it in your frocket! This sucker was almost made for iPhones (even the 6 Plus). It will secure your phone while you’re walking to class, hanging out with Rachel, Monica and Phoebe (we're pretty jazzed about Friends on Netflix too but we won’t admit what season we are already on), or ordering tees online! Just make sure you take it out before you bend over to tie your shoe.. speaking from personal experience here.

Candy, gum, snacks. I could chomp on some Double Bubble all day long, and frockets are the perfect place to store your afternoon pick-me-up! It can hold Goldfish, your fave flavor of gum, and anything you might possibly need in that 3 hour lecture on Thursday nights.

Notecards. I guess we are in college to get an education, right? Do you have a Spanish test next week with over 75 vocabulary words? Make some notecards and store them in your frocket for easy studying anytime, anywhere. While it might sound silly, it really is convenience at its finest, bien!

The next time you get a Houndstooth Text Alert about your organization's new t-shirt, hop over to our website. If you see a frocket then don’t hesitate! This is the shirt that will store it all. Free up your hands to check Instagram and Twitter all day long or tide you over when you don’t want to pay $7 for Sour Patch Kids at the movie theatre, it's your choice.


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