Happy Birthday Bey!

Happy Birthday to you, Queen Bee! That's right ladies and gentleman, it's a national holiday today: Yonce's birthday. In honor of this special day we've put together a list of a million times Beyonce slayed the game (okay, not a million but we could've if we wanted to). We hope you get "cake by the pound" today, Bey! 

1. How well she loves Blue Ivy


2. And you're lying if you say Beyonce and Jay Z aren't relationship goals

Tumblr N98R5Feqws1Tq2Dzjo1 500

3. How much she loves her fans.

Crazy Beyonce Fan O

Like she loves them so much, they bring her to tears.

Beyonce 2 

4. She knows how to laugh at herself


Like what is happening here?

Tumblr Inline Nff4Xwwl7T1Qbpb5E

5. When she completely stole the show at the Super Bowl. 


And her performance was so good it shut off all of the power in the stadium

Super Bowl Power Outage

6. Oh and she casually hangs out with the President and his family (well actually, they hang out with her)

World Without Beyonce Gifs 5

7. And she really likes Popeyes... like a lot

Bey Compressor

8. She also has some pretty awesome friends

Tumblr M5Zygdzfhz1Ryhltvo1 500


Anigif Enhanced Buzz 20653 1424096699 39

9. She uses her platform to bring awareness to important issues and encourages people to be themselves!

Beyonce Gif 14

2 Gif

Tumblr Mjo3I7Ibcd1Rare4Zo1 500


Happy Birthday Beyonce Best Hair Flips Lead

Peace. Love. Beyonce. Here's to many more Happy Beyonce Birthdays! 


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