It's safe to say we have a major sweet tooth here at The Houndstooth Press.

Take one look at the bottomless candy bowl in our showroom if you need some proof! We even have the privilege of designing t-shirts for local sweet spots, like Candy Craze and Rick's Bakery! Below, we've included a list of some of our favorite go-to spots when we're looking to satisfy our sugary cravings. Be sure to try them out if you're ever in Fayetteville!

Bliss Cupcakes 

With two locations at opposite ends of town, this cupcake shop is easy to access and hard to resist. Boasting flavors such as chocolate milkshake, blackberry vanilla bean and pancake breakfast, there's sure to be a choice for any craving. If you want a real sugar high, grab a frosting shot for later!

Arsaga's at The Depot

This rustic looking coffee shop serves fabulous espressos and savory meals. However, they also have a special section devoted to sweet crepes. If you'd like to start your day with a Nutella crepe and coffee, you should stop at Arsaga's ASAP!

Rick's Bakery 

A fan favorite. If you want to surprise a special someone (or if you're just looking to treat yourself,) Rick's is the place to turn! They have all types of tasty treats that can be personalized for any occasion. Rick's serves donuts, pastries, decorated cakes and cookies, muffins, bagels, dessert cakes, cupcakes, petit fours and more. Step inside and you're sure to see an employee wearing a custom t-shirt designed especially for Rick's Bakery! 

Hopefully you won't overdose on sugar with these suggestions, but then again would that really be so bad?



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