Houndstooth Online Tips & Tricks!

Need some help navigating our awesome new site? 

Here are some tips to make your time on www.houndstoothpress.com easier and more efficient. 

1. If your organization already has an account set up, put your cursor over the "Get Started" & then click "SHOP NOW!!" This will bring you right to online store. 

2. Once you're there, use the nifty "Search title or SKU #" bar to search for your group! 

3. When you find your t-shirt, go ahead and click on it and then click "purchase" in the bottom right corner. The next page allows you to select your size and color! The large image in the center is a slideshow!! Put your mouse over the picture and arrows will pop up allowing you to see more details of the t-shirt! 

4. Forgot your PIN? Ask your t-shirt chair or give us a call 479-443-0078 ext. 7! 

5. Haven't been to our website yet? It's time to create an account! In the very top right corner click "register" The steps are super easy & once you've done that, make sure to remember your account information for ordering in the future! If you used our old website you'll still need to create new account information!

6. Need some ideas? Are you considering using The Houndstooth Press? First off, welcome! We hope you choose us to design your custom t-shirts! Click on "Our Portfolio" at the top to see our incredible artists at work! See something you like? We can make a similar design for you, or create a one of a kind new design also! We have five artists who would love to make your vision come to life!!


We hope you enjoy your time on our website! As always, if you have any questions feel free to call us anytime! 



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