How are T-shirts made?

How is a t-shirt made?

They're our favorite thing to wear. We take pride in our collection, but where in the world do they come from, and how do they get in our hands?

It all starts in a magical warehouse (more than likely a Comfort Colors warehouse) where the blank shirts are then shipped to The Houndstooth Press!

Your t-shirt chair or representative's design is hand-drawn, designed, perfected, then perfected again before it is burned onto a screen, hence where "screen printing" comes from. We take pride in the fact that every shirt is printed in house by our very own automatic screen printing press. 

The screen is washed out by a power washer to reveal the design. One screen is required for every color that the shirt contains. Our team can create a design that looks great on so many different colors. Just ask Justin for a color palette and then let your imagination run wild!

Our automatic press pushes the paint through the screen and onto the shirts. Once the design has all of it's colors it is put directly in the dryer to ensure the colors are set in. The shirts go down the dryer and are finished in less than 3 minutes. It's a pretty quick process for something that lasts so long!

The final product comes out of the dryer, is folded, boxed, and then shipped or delivered to your door! Now that's custom screenprinting at it's finest. 



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