How It Feels to Take Summer Classes As Told By Kourtney Kardashian

It's LITERALLY SO RUDE that you have to go to school during the summer, here's how every college student feels in regards to summer classes as told by the sassiest and most negative woman in the world: Kourt K.

When your parents say they think you should sign up for summer classes...

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And you truly mean this. School during the summer sounds so bad that you are willing to risk it all to get out of it. 

And they take you to lunch to try and explain the perks of taking summer classes...

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And you just have to sit there and be like "Oh, okay" but you're really just there for the free food. Mom, you're not doing a very convincing job, but thanks for the chicken fingers.

And you're like mom...


You're not trying to be rude (okay, maybe you are a little) but like your mom does not understand how inconvenient it is that she is trying to ruin your summer plans of Netflix. 

She finally convinces you with the idea of not having to get a summer job so you finally agree and walk into your summer class like...


Honestly, people should be happy you even showed up to this nonsense. Everyone in there is just as sad as you are and you can see the pain in the eyes of your classmates. 

Without Starbucks you physically could not go on...




Coffee. Thank you for everything that you are. You are truly the reason we wake up in the mornings.

When your teacher makes you go around the room and introduce yourselves to your fellow inmates


It's sweet that your teacher thinks you want to make new friends, but you make sure everyone knows who they are dealing with.

And when your teacher calls on you, you have to be like...

06 Kourtney Kardashian Not Into Talking Gif

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Ooh. Ouch. Your teacher thinks you're there to participate. NOPE. You will do the bear minimum in this class, normally you're a pretty good student, but that only applies during the ACTUAL school year. 

And your teacher says you're going to have to do a lot of homework for her class and you just cannot...

Kourtney Kardashian Thats Ridiculous

It's ridiculous that she thinks you'll actually do the homework. Homework is not a real word during the summer months.

And when your classmates won't give you the answers to the homework and you are literally so alone in this...

Rest Group Arguing About Something You Just Hang Back Watch Maybe Throw Out Like One Observation

You aren't going to do the homework, but someone probably will and when they do, it is their civil duty to share their answers and if they don't they are literally. so. rude.

But people get in trouble for talking and you just get to sit there like...


You know it'll not be your fault when all the squares get in trouble for enjoying the class. That will never be you. 

And you just need your teacher to understand...

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We know that teacher doesn't want to be there either, so how can she expect you to listen?

And then she says you have a test the next day...

Kourtney Kardashian Wait What Gif

You are literally shocked, disappointed and upset when your teacher gives you exams even though you specifically asked her not to. But you'll study and kick butt anyways because you better freakin' pass this class if you are wasting your time like this. 

And your classmates get their tests back and want you to feel bad for them for getting bad grades

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You just need people to know that you could be a really fun and cool gal if it wasn't the summer and you weren't stuck in class, but that's simply not the case at the moment.

And your mom suggests you dress up for class one day and you have to explain to her that...

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T-shirts and norts are the only thing you will ever put on your body for those people. Makeup is a no. Washing your hair is a maybe. And anything but a t-shirt is a never.

And you just need your mother to know the reason you are so against summer school is the vibes of the class


It's just all bad, all bad. Why doesn't she understand that?

But thank goodness the class is only 5 weeks and when it's finally over you're like

Tumblr Mavummwki61Qfaqf7

You're free, you're free! Free from all the evil!




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