If The Cast of Gilmore Girls Was In Greek Life

Greek Life is one big, happy, dysfunctional family, just like the cast of Gilmore Girls. Who would be your sorority sister or fraternity brother? 

Rory Gilmore: Tri Delta

Rory School Books Gilmore Girls 6515

It's hard to be involved in everything. Rory gets it and Tri Delts get it. These girls care about their grades, their friends, their family, and their sorority. Rory may not have been in a sorority, but she cared about her grades, friends, family, and all of the other things she had to be involved in to get into Harvard or Yale! Sometimes you wonder how she's so good at everything and how she stays so grounded. Let me tell you how, she surrounds herself with with amazing and fun people who keep you going. That's why Tri Delt sisters have each other!

Lorelai Gilmore: Kappa Delta


Fun-loving, hilarious and will automatically be your best friend! This describes Lorelai just as much as it does our KDs! They don't care what people think about them and just want to live their lives. Like Lorelai, they will be loyal to you forever. There's not a moment in Rory's life that Lorelai isn't there for. Just like how KDs will always be there for their sisters. Whether it's a ride to class, helping you pick an outfit for a date, or bringing you food and coffee (coffee is sooo Gilmore Girls) when you have a late night in the library-- they've gotchu girl. 

Luke Danes: Lambda Chi Alpha 

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Flannels, hats, and not a lot of craps to give. Just a man that loves breakfast food and the simpler things in life. Lambdas remind us of Luke because they are laid back, the chillest. If you're a girl that needs a man that can put up with your crazy, look out for a Lambda. These guys are definitely subtle with their affections, but once they open up, they'll be some of the sweetest guys you know. Luke evens the Gilmore girl's crazy out, Lambda's even sorority girl's crazy out. 

Lane Kim: Alpha Delta Pi 


You can't help but love Lane! She's the sweetest and most responsible girl, but she definitely has a wild and fun side. Alpha Delta Pi's will always be your responsible friend, reminding you of who you really are and what is best for you, but hey, if you wanna join a band and go on tour they will be in the front row at every concert. Lane stuck by Rory's side through every loser she dated and every melodramatic moment that occurred. She even stayed sane while her crazy mom, Mrs. Kim, controlled every part of her life. She's level-headed, loyal, and cute as a button, just like those ADPis. 

Emily Gilmore: Kappa Kappa Gamma


This woman has got her stuff together. She always looks put together and classy, even on a Monday! The KKGs at your university will come to your 8 am class looking effortlessly adorable and you're like "seriously, how do you do it?" They push the people around them to be better, but ultimately they love everyone no matter what. She's the president of every club she's apart of and gets stuff done with style and grace. A Kappa girl is responsible, graceful, and loving.

Jess Mariano: Kappa Sigma

Let Start Obvious Jess Closest Thing Bad Boy Stars Hollow Has Ever Seen

Dark and mysterious, like where the heck did you come from, shawty? That's how you feel about Kappa Sig's when you see them on campus or in your class. You're like woah, where'd you come from? Jess has a rebellious and wild side, but once Rory gets to know him she sees that he is sensitive, smart, and has some really good taste in books. Kappa Sigs encourage everyone to take a chance and have some much needed fun. If you have a hard time letting lose and "living a little" find a Kappa Sig and go on an adventure. 

Logan Huntzberger: Sigma Alpha Epsilon

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Sookie St. James: Pi Beta Phi 

Set Gg Super Cool Sookie

Everyone needs their clumsy, fun, and loving BFF! Sookie is always there to support Lorelia, be like a second mom to Rory, and help keep the Dragonfly Inn running. She never brags about her accomplishments, even though she is incredibly talented and accomplished. Pi Beta Phis will always be there to support and love their friends. They care greatly about their academics, friends, sorority, family, and school and will always be your number one cheerleader. If you're having a rough day find your best Pi Phi friend and she'll grab you a Sonic drink and will play with your hair til you feel yourself again.

Mrs. Kim: Panhellenic and Interfraternity Council 


Mrs. Kim means business and that's obvious, but ultimately she wants what's best for her daughter. Just like Mrs. Kim, Panhellenic and Interfraternity Council are here to keep us safe. They are very vocal with what they think about what the sororities and fraternities are doing and we listen because ultimately they know what's up. And our girl Kim knows what's up.

Gilmore Girls, sorority girls, what's the difference, really?


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