If Sorority Girls Were Starbucks Drinks

Unicorn Frappuccino- Zeta Tau Alpha

Unicorn Frap

The new Unicorn Frappuccino is all the rage! It's fun, it's flirty, it's pink..... just like Zeta Tau Alpha! Zetas are the girly girls around campus; they're always looking their best. They have fun with whatever they do and have truly colorful personalities. Plus, Zetas like to "think pink" for breast cancer awareness! 

Pumpkin Spice Latte- Alpha Omicron Pi 


The PSL is one of the most popular drinks.... so it isn't a surprise that we chose it to represent AOII. The ladies of Alpha O know everybody on campus- they make friends with everyone and are well connected throughout every other fraternity and sorority. They know how to put themselves out there and have a good time, and everybody takes notice!

Matcha Green Tea Latte- Pi Beta Phi

Matcha Latte

Who's surprised about this one? Probably nobody. Pi Phis are the outdoorsy, "granola" girls that live a little outside the box. They're always trying new things and keeping up with the latest hippie fad. Pi Phis would be the ones carrying around some funky green drink on campus, and not feeling the least bit self conscious about it. 

Skinny Iced Vanilla Latte With Light Ice- Kappa Kappa Gamma

Iced Vanilla Latte

Kappas are classy girls who know exactly what they want, and aren't afraid to ask for it. They're driven and motivated in every aspect of life. They have amazing academics and are incredibly involved on campus. Kappas have high standards and always measure up to expectations. If you need somebody to rely on, a Kappa won't let you down. 

Hot Chocolate at Kid's Temperature- Kappa Delta

Hot Chocolate

Kappa Deltas are kids at heart! They're fun loving and free spirited. They also spend a lot of time serving Girl Scouts, which is their philanthropy! No matter what they're doing, they'll be having a great time. KD's know how to be successful and be taken seriously without losing sight of the most important thing in college- having fun!  

Double Shot Caramel Macchiato With Extra Syrup- Phi Mu

Caramel Macchiato

Phi Mu gals are a little extra sweet! They're so kind and always ready to have a good time. Phi Mus are so much fun to be around; they could make friends with a brick wall if they had to. They're sweet girls with a lot of fun energy. You'll never be bored if you're spending time with some Phi Mus!

Dark Roast Coffee- Chi Omega

Black Coffee

What's classier than a simple cup of dark roast coffee? Nothing. Except maybe Chi Omega! Chi Os are the classic sorority girls- they still hold tight to their traditions and know their place on campus. Chi Os are successful in just about everything they do. They're everybody's competition, and they know it!

Salted Caramel Mocha- Delta Gamma

Salted Caramel Mocha

This one's a little punny. Don't get it?! DG's symbol is the anchor. Which goes in the ocean. Which is salty. Even beyond the pun, the Salted Caramel Mocha is the perfect fit for Delta Gamma for plenty of reasons. DGs are sweet, but they still keep it a little sassy. They showed up on campus and made a major impression (just like this drink did when Starbs introduced it last season), people can't get enough of them!

Flat White- Alpha Delta Pi

Starbucks Flat White

The Flat White is the perfect balance of strong and sweet- just like ADPi gals! They're tough and determined without losing a sense of fun and silliness! ADPi girls are a force to be reckoned with, but they also have the potential to be your very best friends. They're involved all over campus and are a major staple in the Panhellenic community, but you'll still see them out having a good time and making friends on Friday nights!

Iced Coffee with Vanilla- Tri Delta 

Iced Coffee

Ah, the classic sorority girl summer drink, everybody loves it. Tri Delts are similar; they embody everything it means to be a Greek Woman. They're fun, inclusive, hard working, and successful. They're subtle and easy going, but it's still impossible to miss the impact they make around campus. Tri Delts are friends with everyone and can fit in comfortably in any situation. Everybody loves a Tri Delta!

Caffe Americano- Alpha Chi Omega 

Caffe Americano

The Caffe Americano is one of the strongest drinks out there.... which is why we think it perfectly represents the women of Alpha Chi Omega. Alpha Chis are hard workers that accomplish everything they set their minds to. They go above and beyond to make their sorority and their University thrive. Alpha Chi women know how important hard work and dedication are to being successful. They'r fierce girls that know how to get stuff done!


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