The Intern Diaries: Abby

If you've ever been an intern for any type of company similar to that of a custom screenprinting business you may be able to relate to the lives of The Houndstooth Press interns.

And if you haven't? Get ready for a behind the scenes look of the sometimes comedic, sometimes emotional, and always original lives of the girls at 636 East 15th Street.

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Dear Diary,

I ain't nothing but a hound dog. No that's not right. I ain't nothing but a Houndstooth dog. No that's not right either. I ain't nothing but a Houndstooth Press Dog. Right?

No lets be real I'm not a dog, I'm an intern. I am one of six interns at the Houndstooth Press and couldn't think of any better way to spend my hours than here working with the people I love.

My name is Abby Callahan and I was born and raised in Fayetteville and realized in my college decision the Hogs were calling me back home. I am currently an International Business Major at the University of Arkansas and I'm pursuing a degree in International Business with a marketing focus and attempting my luck with a Chinese minor. I'm a member of the Gamma Nu chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma and can share that sisterhood with Ashlyn, another intern here at the press. 

No matter what time or day I walk into the Press I can guarentee there will always be;

1. Another intern hard at work behind the front desk with a big grin either because of something that just happened or something that is bound to happen

2. A distinct overall mood set by the Spotify playlist playing over the loud speaker whether country, throwback, or whatever our hearts desire 

3. A never empty bowl of community chocolate set in the middle of the office intended for everyone but eaten mostly by me

4. A little jealousy from the rows and rows of custom Greek comfort colors tees rolling hot from the press and into the hands of their new owners

and last but not least a work environment that I grown to love and have learned to expect the unexpected.

I love the opportunities that Houndstooth has given to me and I strive to give those same opportunities to the customers that we work with everyday. A few months at the Houndstooth Press has made me appreciate not only the company's promise for exceptional custom designs but has made me appreciate the hard-work that each employee here puts into their work to achieve the goals that press promises to it's customers. I love the lab.

In the end, I'm an intern, but I can say working here has made me somewhat Lab-like because Houndstooth has given me reason to be loyal, to be friendly and cheerful, and to always strive to make others as happy as The Houndstooth Press has made me.


Abby Callahan

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