The Most Underwhelming Places to Spend Your Vacation

College summers are your last days to truly LIVE IT UP, so we are sure you’re looking online for the best flight deals to check some wonders of the world off your bucket list. Even though Pinterest and textbooks make certain places look like a “must see,” we’ve done some research on some of the most desired places to go that turn out to be a FAT waste your sweet time.



You’ve seen them in the movies and in your history textbooks. These bad boys seem to be the greatest bucket list check point because it looks like you get a camel ride plus seeing an ancient wonder of the world miles away from civilization. But it turns out you could actually skip out on all the “experience” and just sit in the nearby Pizza Hut and take in the view. What an experience you will never have again.



Okay this one is good. We all know this gal pretty well don’t we? She’s threaten to be stolen in all the movies, the first piece of art you learn about and actually remember the name of, and honestly if you don’t know what the Mona Lisa is then maybe college isn’t your thing. This girl is probably one of the most hyped up women in the world, but when you see her in person, she’s just a painting. That’s really small. Surrounded by a lot of people. Taking a picture. And then leaving. Exciting!




Or pizza. No, it’s Pisa. But other than this leaning building that actually only leans about four degrees, this town does not have a lot to offer. This may not affect you if you succeed in getting the classic “leaning up against the Tower of Pisa” picture we all want to seem somewhat original on our feeds. But if you fail at that, then what was the point?




Stonehenge. Maybe better known to you as “the big stone in the middle of nowhere, maybe in England?” Yes. Those! Well maybe you’ve always thought it would be cool to just say you went and laid in the grass surrounded by the stones, and just took in being in a cool place. Well, turns out you actually can only view this masterpiece from thirty feet away and within a group! How adventurous. How exciting. How underwhelming.



So there you have it. Spend that paycheck somewhere a bit more promising, and make the classes you skipped to take a summer vaca worth your while.




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