New Albums That Are Making Our Summer Even Better

Every summer our fav artists come out with the songs that make you roll the windows down. We’ve been listening to some of the newest albums artists have so generously dropped out of the blue, and now whenever we think of these albums we will think of that “one summer in college.”



Drake came out of nowhere with this bad boy, like literally we woke up and it was on Spotify and everything was different. It’s literally twenty five songs of rap, r&b, and Michael Jackson…? This is the album you put on when you’re with all your friends and make someone do the #inmyfeelingschallenge. Drake we love you, we thank you, we will sing along with you for the rest of the summer.




Okay so maybe not all of you know Ben Rector, but he was once a college kid with a dream just like you and me. He actually went to the university right next to the Press here in Fayetteville Arkansas. This is the album you play while moving into your house after you’ve been gone all summer, when you have your friends over grilling, or just during one of those slow Saturday summer mornings. Check him out, and go Hogs.




GUYS. Kacey Musgraves is back and better than ever. You probably knew her from her one hit wonders on the country charts back in the day, but she is back with a sweet album that will make you sing and roll your windows down all the way to the beach. Honestly, we are big fans of all the country artists who somehow turn into “not-so-country” but still give us those chill vibes with their music. This record is one for the girls and long drives during your summer days.




Alright Kanye is back at it. And no matter how hard we try not to, we love Kanye like Kanye loves Kanye. Try saying that one three times fast. To be honest, Kanye’s albums typically have a couple of LIT tracks on them, and the rest we forget about. This one fits into that category, but the good ones are the really good ones. All I’m sayin’ is if you need a little Monday pick me up before work or summer school, blast Ghost town and you’ll be wide awake. Congrats Kanye, tell Kim hey for us.



You’re welcome people! Happy listening.


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