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"No stress, no stress, no stress girl you deserve nothin' but the best," 

Jesse McCartney said it best, and we definitely need to eliminate the stress in our lives. But we know work week and recruitment week isn't the easiest time to be stress free. The sorority girls at The Houndstooth Press wanted to share some helpful tips on how to de-stress and clear your mind during these crazy weeks!

1. Drink tons of water!

Okay, okay, okay! I know what you guys are thinking, "Literally if another person tells me to drink water, I'm going to freak out." BUT! I promise staying hydarated has so many benefits! One major symptom of dehydration is fatigue. Recruitment is one of the most exhausting experiences so drinking some extra water definitely won't hurt. The body can get achy and crampy when it needs water, so help out those "door crowding" muscles and give them a drink! We all know recruitment isn't a time to get sick, and drinking water can boost the immune system, help with decongestion, and prevent headaches. The H2O hype is nuts but with good reasoning. Remember the four R's: Recruitment, Rehydrate, Relax, and Rihanna. 

2. Eat a healthy snack!

Healthy snack is an oxymoron I'm pretty sure, but if you're looking for stress relief it might be the right answer. I'd say I'm most stressed when I'm hangry (so hungry, I'm angry-- it is a VERY real thing) and I usually want to stuff my face with chocolate and throw all respect for my body to the wind and pull up to that Taco Bell window. But we know having a Quesarito sitting in our stomach isn't going to help us feel better. Eating some fruit, nuts, veggies, even pretzels or a little popcorn, will help you fill up, but not make you feel weighed down or tired. And if you want some chocolate, do that too. Chocolate is the ultimate exception. Maybe try dark chocolate, that's good for your heart, right? 

3. Two words. Dance. Party.

I feel like this one requires no explanation, but I'll give you one anyway. Recruitment can be extremely taxing: emotionally, physically, and mentally. Dance that stress away. Crank that Yonce, Nicki, Nickleback (hey, it's your dance party, and this is a judgement free zone) and lose yourself in the music. Grab your girls, use hairbrushes as microphones, whip that hair.Being active in anyway can make you feel happier, but that mixed with killa dance moves and sweet jams, is the best recipe to forget your worries and let go.  

4. Call your mother. 

Or your sister, dad, best friend, FaceTime your dog. Talk to someone about something other than recruitment! (What?! Something other than recruitment, is there such thing?) Believe it or not, there is such thing. It's important to remind ourselves that there are other things happening in the world. Ask your dad how that conference call went, ask your sister what TV shows she's been watching. Hopefully she can give you a play by play of the Bachelor. Take an interest in their lives, enjoy listening to their voices, and spend some time thinking about things outside your sorority. It'll clear your mind and help give you a new perspective so you're fresh going into the next day of recruitment. 

5. Remember why you do it!

It's easy to get caught up in the process and forget the real reason why recruitment happens. We love our sorority, we've met some of our best friends through it, and we want to give other girls the same experience we had. When we lose sight of this, the process is long and hard, but when we keep a big picture outlook it makes the process so happy and so worth it. 

We want our girly pops stayin' cool this recruitment, and hope that these tips will help with a little stress relief! If shopping is your stress relief stop by The Houndstooth Press or get online and look at some shirts to remember why we join sororities: for the the t-shirts! No no no, I'm joking! But hey, it never hurts to browse! 




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