#Rush (insert fraternity name here)

#RUSH(insert fraternity here)

Here we are, we have been waiting all year to yet again talk about one of Greek Life's most important season of them all. This season little PNM's are blooming and rush crushes are born, yes that season is filled with tank top's and destination parties, lake days and day parties.

It's rush season.

The reason for the name is the very emotion that all of Greek life expierences as school ends and organization nationwide gear up to get new prepare for the summer long promotion of their fraternity/sorority. The Rush; the rush of new members, new faces, new ideas, new designs. It's a time when friendships are made and thetransition from high school to college takes place.

Rush is one of the most stressful times in every Greek member and potential new members' life because in the end it decides your fate and the letters you're dedicated to till the end of time.

If you're a potential new member

This is your time to shine, all eyes are on you as you make your way into the sea of other potential members. Watch your step and your actions because there are eyes everywhere. Where ever you may begin your college days make sure you know what fraternities you're working with and what rush tanks to start ordering. Whatever letters you find yourself wearing make sure you feel as comfortable in them as the shirt they are printed on. 

 TFM came up with a go to guide for all you PNM's. Whether you follow it or not is entirely up to you but

The first bullet point on the list has to do with your attire. Growing up you were always told do not judge a book by it's cover and that is so true but your cover holds everything inside together. From the words of a current fratter:

"I do not want to see you wearing a sports coat and a bow tie just as much as I do not want to watch you walk into my house sporting your finest white undershirt with some killer Walmart gym shorts. I recommend sticking to the classics: a polo shirt and khaki shorts. It’s easy and it looks good. We notice it, too."


The rest of the list can be read here.

In the meantime The Houndstooth Press found Patrick Daley, writer and national speaker of The Fraternity Advisor. In the collection of his hundreds of articles on fraternity life we pulled one that may be of use as the rush of rush sets in. It is titled "How to Rush a Fraternity- How to act during Rush." Although he does not mention specifics about wardrobe etc he does hit the best point that one could hit and that is - BE YOURSELF

he adds 

"It does no one any good if you pretend to be someone you aren’t just to get a bid. Either you or the fraternity will be disappointed if that happens."


The Houndstooth Press loves Daley's emphasis on being yourself and believes you should apply it to any time in your life, whether that means rush, t-shirts, or with anything you can imagine.

A lot of things may be going through your mind as the big day comes but hopefully with a couple tips, a pat on the back and, a "you can do it" there will be nothing you have to worry about. Be yourself and your wardrobe will fall into place and before you know it the perfect fraternity will place their letters right on your t-shirt. Who knows maybe The Houndstooth Press will be a part of it.


It does no one any good if you pretend to be someone you aren’t just to get a bid. Either you or the fraternity will be disappointed if that happens. - See more at: http://thefraternityadvisor.com/how-to-rush-a-fraternity-how-to-act-during-rush/#sthash.2aHOWWIi.dpuf
How to Rush a Fraternity – How to Act During Rush
Patrick Daley
Patrick Daley


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