Senior Year: The Struggle is Real

It might not hit you that you're a senior in college...

...until someone plays Taylor Swift’s “22” at your birthday party. You’re about to leave the holy grail of your lifetime. Four years of ordering Domino's at 2 AM because you can, Instagramming your every move, and maybe going to class are coming to a screeching halt. It seems like just yesterday you were decorating your dorm room with those awful chevron pillows and saying goodbye to your parents. Do all good things really do have to come to an end? Ultimately, senior year begs the question: what do you do with all of your t-shirts?

We all know you still have your Bid Day tank, which is probably a size small (we won’t tell anyone), your favorite sleep shirt, and the t-shirt you swear is softer than any of the others. But the college uniform of leggings and t-shirts most likely won’t be acceptable when you do decide to take on the real world. But don’t worry, we have options!


I know, I know, how could I even bring it up?! Let’s be real, your room is exploding with the accumulation of t-shirts from The Houndstooth Press. If you get rid of them, your drawers will thank you. But we don't want you to actually throw them away! Offer them to your little, grand little, or great grandlittle (it’s still weird we’re old enough to be at the top of the family lineage). After that, ask the chapter, $5 t-shirts anyone? The freshman will love you...and who doesn’t need some extra cash? 


Can’t part with your favorite custom tee's? Make them into a quilt! This has got to be one of the most genius ideas ever. We chalk it right up there with Little Caesars $5 Hot n' Ready pizzas. Who doesn’t love that? These t-shirt quilts will help ease the transition into adulthood by putting all of your favorites into a warm blanket that you can keep forever. This keepsake will hold all your favorite college memories when you’re in bed at 9 pm on a Thursday night and wishing you were back in college. So long, Thirsty Thursdays...


We say we won’t wear them after graduation, but it’s time to tell the truth. You will. Your t-shirts are a collection. You waited in line at t-shirt pass out so many times. There is no way these shirts are going anywhere! Whether it's a casual jog around the park, cleaning day (ugh!), working out, or lounging around the house, these shirts are the perfect piece of clothing. And hey, if someone asks you if you’re still in college while wearing them, you’ll take that compliment because it truly was the best time of your life.


We are here for you. The “G-word” is something we’re all trying to avoid but it’s here, girls and boys. Graduation is right around the corner. As you enjoy your last semester of a whopping nine hours of classes, The Houndstooth Press knows the struggle, denial, and sadness that come with graduation. But don’t worry! Your t-shirts can live forever, however you choose to deal with that impressive stack of yours.


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