Sororities as Taco Bell Menu Items

Taco Bell is every college student’s favorite cheap meal, next to ramen, of course. We’ve all gone to Taco Bell at midnight after crying over an 8 am midterm the next morning, or after chapter when you were late and missed dinner, or during recruitment when you need a quick meal. Taco Bell, like your sorority sisters, has been there for you through it all, when you’ve got money in the bank or when you’re paying in quarters. And we know which menu item your sorority would be, because both contributed to your freshman 15, let’s be real. So if you’ve always wondered which menu item fits your sorority, don’t worry, we figured it out for you.


Zeta Tau Alpha – Doritos Locos Taco

A Doritos Locos Taco is a classic option with a twist, just like Zeta Tau Alpha girls. Everyone knows that Zetas are classic sorority girls with a fun and unexpected side, just like the classic taco but with a spicy and exciting Dorito taco shell. And just like Zeta girls, it’s a crowd favorite. Zetas are always surprising everyone, and they never do the expected. Just like a Dorito taco shell, they’re innovative and classic at the same time.


Kappa Delta – 7 Layer Burrito

A 7-layer burrito has everything you would want all wrapped up in a tortilla, and is the furthest thing from boring. Kappa Delta girls are unique and layered, and always have plenty to offer. KDs are always shaking things up and are involved all over campus, no wonder they fit the mold of the burrito with the most layers. These girls are never boring and have so much to offer.


Alpha Delta Pi – Soft Taco

The first sorority is a classic and never goes out of style, just like a soft taco. You can always depend on a soft taco when you’re not sure what to order, because it’s just a classic. Likewise, you can always rely on an ADPi, because they’re dependable and lifelong friends. After all, they are the first and finest, and we’re assuming soft tacos were among the first Taco Bell menu items.


Alpha Chi Omega – Power Menu Burrito

Alpha Chi Omegas are powerful and strong. Their philanthropy is domestic violence awareness, and fighting the stigma against domestic violence is hard work. In promoting healthy relationships, it’s obvious that Alpha Chi would be one of the most powerful and healthy options on the menu. These girls are prepared to take on whatever life throws at them, just like the Power Menu Burrito is ready to help you take on the day.


Delta Delta Delta – Baja Blast Freeze

Not only are Tri Delts fun and always making a splash, they’re sweet and full of energy. Like the Baja Blast Freeze, Tri Delts are always a crowd favorite and are always making friends wherever they go. Everyone who has ever spent time with a Tri Delt can only rave about them, and anyone who has ever had a Baja Blast Freeze will only ever say it’s the best thing ever. Not to mention how these girls never run out of energy and always look good, even in an 8 am class. 


Pi Beta Phi – Quesadilla

The chicken quesadilla is classic and easy to share, and Pi Phis are classic and always sharing the love. Anyone who has friends that are Pi Phis will confirm that they’re always sharing their free time, and they’re always making everyone’s lives better. Who wouldn’t want a Pi Phi/chicken quesadilla in their life?


Alpha Omicron Pi – Black Bean Burrito

AOPi’s are spunky, unique, and super energetic, just like the black bean burrito. Black beans give you energy because they stay with you longer, and so will an AOPi. They’re loyal friends to the end and are always there to cheer you on, no matter what. Who could ask for a better burrito/friend?


Chi Omega – Crunchwrap Supreme

Is it a taco? Is it a wrap? Is it a quesadilla? Who knows? Just like a Chi Omega girl, the Crunchwrap Supreme wears many hats. Everyone knows that Chi O’s are involved all over campus, in student government, academic organizations, and just about anywhere you look you’ll find a Chi Omega giving her all. Just like a Crunchwrap Supreme, a Chi O girl can be anything she puts her mind to being.


Kappa Alpha Theta – Cinnamon Twists

A classic menu item, the cinnamon twists are sweet and spunky, just like any Theta you might meet. Thetas are sweet and spicy, and they’re definitely comforting friends. Just like Thetas, cinnamon twists are comforting and fun, and most of all, super sweet. Who doesn’t love cinnamon twists? 


Kappa Kappa Gamma – Power Menu Bowl

The smart menu choice is a power bowl, and Kappas are known for their brainy girls. If you’re looking for someone to help you make good decisions, whether in your diet or which classes to take next semester or who to take to formal, a Kappa is the friend you need. Plus, Kappas are usually pretty fit, so why wouldn’t they be a healthy menu item? We’ll try not to be jealous of your brains and brawn.


Delta Gamma – Shredded Chicken Burrito

When you need something fast to eat while on the go, a shredded chicken burrito is the way to go, and DGs are always on the go. These girls are always busy accomplishing cool things or studying abroad or posting awesome Snapchat stories at music festivals. These girls are always moving, so you gotta learn how to keep up.


Phi Mu – Cinnabon Delights

If you’re looking for the girl who’s sweet on the outside and even sweeter on the inside, you’re looking for a Phi Mu. Much like the Cinnabon Delights which are perfect for any time of the day, Phi Mus are always here to lend a shoulder to cry on or an adventure to lift your spirits, even when it’s midnight and you’ve been crying over an assignment due in a few hours.


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