Quite possibly the best part of Spring semester. A week to do anything you want. 

Drive to the Grand Canyon? Post up at the Flordia beaches? Catch some air in Colorado? Lounge at home?

Wherever you are for Spring Break, The Houndstooth Press wants to see your Houndstooth gear!

Those neon Comfort Color tanks look fabulous next to the crystal blue ocean and white sands! 

We hope your Columbia fleeces and Harriton pullovers will keep you cozy if you decided to hit the slopes. 

If you're using your greek gear such as hats, waterbottles, croakies, or socks show us! 


Anytime you're on social media over Spring Break, which is most likely a lot, tag us! @houndstoothusa on Twitter and Instagram! 

We want to see YOU in Houndstooth Gear! 


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