Stawberries and Custom Tees

March is filled with so many days and today is one of our Favorites!

Happy March 21st or National California Strawberry Day!

The sweet little berry is one of March's gifts to the produce world and is an even better gift dipped in chocolate and given to that formal date you just ordered a formal date t-shirt for. Botanically, each delactle individual fruit is simply an enlarged recepticle of a flower.

Str Flower

And the strawberry stems as a creation completly individual to any of its counterparts in flavour and design. That being said the flower has been known to be more than just an edible produce.

Each fruit in all it's ripened glory becomes a volumptious crimson mass with an abstract heart shaped bodice. The simple physical attributes of the delectable fruit explain its orgins as a symbol for the greek Venus, the Goddess of Love. Say goodbye to all of your ailments, because in Ancient Rome the romans swore by the fruit as a magical healer claiming it cured symtoms from fainting to kidney stones to bad breath and sore throats. Madamam Tallien, a prominant figure during Napolians time, had used 22lbs of the excuisite fruit as a replacement for her bath water, needless to say she did not bathe everyday. Regardless if the fruit is ingested or it is unique

17th century English writer Dr. William Butler reflects the high esteem most people hold for strawberry. "Doubtless God could have made a better berry, but doubtless God never did."

If you compare the strawberry to any other berry you would notice that the strawberry is not like any berry. A traditional berry secretly encases its seeds inside its walls hiding thier very own creation as if they were ashamed, however the strawberry is the only one that wears each seed proud on the surface of it's body.

Do you want to be an ordinary berry or strawberry when it comes to your wardrobe. Every design you wear on every tshirt, sweatshirt, and tank-top should be a creation that you are proud of and will wear the minute you wake up to the minute you fall aleep.

The Houndstooth Press realizes the importance that each of you have in the emotions behind your wardrobe and the Press wants to make you want to be a strawberry and wear every design you create with pride.


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