Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday.

The greatest day of football that we've been looking forward to all year.... Sike!

It's totally about your personal challenge of beating last years buffalo wing intake. It is truly impressive how much spinach and artichoke, ranch dip, cookies, and anything edible you can consume during a football game.

If you're not a foodie, you watch the game for the half time show. Obviously no one will beat Beyonce's performance in Super Bowl XLVII, and we are coping with that. 

Katy Perry will suffice, as long as she plays Firework more than once.

The commercials are a given. The Budweiser Puppy commercial has already made us cry, and we could do without another Kim Kardashian ad. Thanks, but no thanks.

So, what are you doing watching this game?

Most likely, you're watching it with your guy friends or boyfriend and googling the players so you have something to contribute to the conversation besides "OMG Tom Brady is so hot" or "I hate Richard Sherman; he is rude."

Why not watch the game in your favorite Comfort Color t-shirt? With so many color options, there is surely a t-shirt to support the New England Patriots (true navy and crimson) or the Seahawks (true navy and lime). We tossed the team colors in there for some extra talking points!

With t-shirt colors like Crimson, Brick, Paprika, Red, Kiwi, Aloe, Lime, True Navy, China Blue, and Midnight, the spectrum of color options is sure to provide you with the right color to support either team.

Hey, even if you don't know anyone on the team, at least you'll earn some brownie points by wearing a color of a team that's actually playing in the game.

Go Cowboys, Packers, whatever!




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