Tank Top Time

Gym. Tan. Laundry.

What do all these have in common? They can all be done in a tank-top.

no we're not talking army tanks, fish tanks, think tanks, or even sceptic tanks but the tanks that shows off your winters long battle with the gym and a piece of clothing that accepts the suns rays come summer. This is no April fools. The time has come when Comfort Colors, Bella, American Appareal tailor off all the sleeves to create armless beauties. And have no fear because The Houndstooth Press can create custom designs on all the above.

The tank-- it comes in all different colors and sizes and lengths and fabrics and has become a global garmet for the warmer days.

Wikipedia defines it as:

"A sleeveless shirt is a shirt manufactured without sleeves, or one whose sleeves have been cut off. Sleeveless shirts are worn by either sex, depending on the style."



You may notice they refer to it as "a sleeveless shirt" and there's a reason behind that because the 'tank- top' word the north Americans are famaliar with is just a term confined within the boarders. If you ever plan on going abroad take this into consideration and read carefully the following snipbit that Wikiperdia put together on other countries sleeveless shirt slang.

"In the UK an A-shirt, especially when used as an undershirt, is known as a vest (compare the American usage of "vest"). Another term is singlet, used in England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, Nigeria, Singapore and New Zealand. In the Philippines, when used as an undershirt it is called a sando. Also in Bangladesh it is called as sando-genji. In India it is known as a banian, and is used extensively to absorb sweat and prevent its penetration to outer layers of clothing. In France it is commonly called a "marcel" since its first large-scale production by Marcel Eisenberg for the Parisians handlers during the mid 19th century."

don't see your destinations term?

no worries Houndstooth was curious too and turned to google translate to find out other countries term for the word and here are some of our favorites


Our spanish speaking friends call the sleeveless creation a tanque-tapa  


顶 is Chinese and is pronounced Guàn dǐng


débardeur ; pardon our French


δεξαμενήκορυφή is Greek and is pronounced dexamení̱ koryfí̱


छोटाटॉप is Hindi and is pronounced Chōṭā ṭŏpa


umar-barr is Irish for the word


タンクトップ is Japanese and is pronounced Tanku toppu


탱크 is Korean and is pronounced taengkeu tab


бак-топ is Russian and is pronounced bak –top


tankur-toppur is Icelandic and prounced almost like tank top..


But wherever your  tank takes you in the world just remmeber no matter where you are The Houndstooth Press can print a custom design on any shirt you request regardless of how you pronounce it or spell it. Your arms deserve to be seen and with the warm wearther beating down you deserve to be cool while looking cool.







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