Things We Do Instead of Studying for Finals

Da-da-da-da... Ba-da-da-da-da

It's the 

Finals Countdown!

College kids will go to extreme lengths to get out of studying for finals and here's some we think you'll relate to. #Relatable 

1. Take Facebook/Buzzfeed Quizzes

Yes! It is imperative that I know "Who is Secretly in Love With" me and "Which Friends Character" I am right this moment! Of course we're on Facebook and of course we're looking for time to kill. If my favorite flavor of ice cream can predict my future career I'm probably taking that quiz. Your studies are important and we don't condone this kind of behavior... but here's our favorites! 

Which Ryan Gosling Character is your soulmate? 

Which Disney Princess are you?

What Would Be Your Fate In The Hunger Games?

What is Your Calling in Life?

Who Has a Crush on You?

2. Puppies. Just puppies. 

Preferably you find real ones somewhere, but if you can't find them then you turn to internet puppies. Somehow you follow like 17 more puppy Instagram accounts than you remember and your Google search history is "Puppies in Pajamas", "Puppies for Sale", "Puppies in Sweaters", "How to Convince My Parents I Can Afford To Feed A Puppy Even Though I Can't Feed Myself", etc. 


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And our favorite puppy Instagram accounts:

Puppies For All

Marnie the Dog

OMG Puppies!

3. Buy Christmas Presents Online

Your best friend probably does need that "I woke up like this" coffee mug and those socks with donuts on them and if you don't get them right this minute they are going to be sold out and then your best friend is going to think you don't like her and then your seven year friendship is over because you didn't order that thing right away. Need gift ideas? Omg! How convenient! We sell t-shirts!

4. Go to the library to get free snacks

Okay, if your library doesn't give away snacks during finals week SWITCH UNIVERSITIES IMMEDIATELY. Snack breaks are the reason we survive finals. They make the trek to the library, wading through millions of crying people, tripping over computer cords, and physically fighting people for tables a little bit worth it. 

Our favorite study snacks:
Bananas and Peanut Butter/Nutella
Celery and Peanut Butter
Frozen Yogurt covered Blueberries
Popcorn with M&Ms

5. Netflix and Chill

Well, basically just Netflix. Finals are the ABSOLUTE WORST time to start a new show on Netflix, and strangely, also the best time. You never knew that you could care so much about fictional characters until it's choosing between knowing how to calculate GDP or knowing if Jim Halpert and Pam Beasley end up together. If Netflix instead of studying is wrong, then I don't wanna be right. 

Some of the top 5 shows on Netflix are...

P185846 B V8 Ad Netflix House Of Cards

P191Fmmvor1Oji1Gln3Mr1526175A3  Fridaynightlights4

Greys Anatomy

6. Read Blog Posts

Probably read blog posts written by college students also trying to avoid studying for finals *cough* me *cough cough*. You find yourself actually very invested in the blog post titled "An Open Letter To My Best Friend's Future Husband's Grandmother" and you start rationalizing it's existence and you're like "Wow, I really do need to tell her these things." If you're reading this- you're probably procrastinating. So here is your friendly reminder that...




And remember nothing is bad because Star Wars premieres tomorrow! :) 


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