Thoughts Every College Girl Has Had As Told By Chrissy Teigen Tweets

Twitter phenomenon, model, chef, mama, wife of John Legend-- what does this woman not do? One thing she definitely does is keep us loling with her honest and very open tweets. She reminds us that even celebrities stay in bed for an entire day and only get up to answer the door for the pizza delivery guy. College girls are probably Chrissy's largest fan base, and we know why that is. She just GETS IT. 

Here's Seven Times Chrissy Teigen Just Got College Girls

That Moment After a Night Out:


"Just tried to take my fake eyelashes off but they were my real eyelashes. Needless to say I now have no eyelashes."

Girl, we have all been here. Nothing is more terrifying than waking up from your Sorority formal or date night with a fake eyelash on your cheek. Why do they have to look so much like spiders?! Also one of the greatest things in the world is going to your campus Starbucks and seeing all the girls with their makeup from the night before still fully intact (thank you setting spray!) but wearing sweats and Houndstooth Press tees. Chrissy, they invented fake eyelashes for a reason so don't sweat the whole not having eyelashes thing.

A Sincere Apology to My Teachers:


"I'm sorry that my typos hurt you on a personal level."

Why my teachers act so absolutely horrified and offended when I spell something wrong? I passed all my spelling tests in elementary school, I'm definitely at least proficient. I promise I didn't mean to do it to dishonor you, your family, or your cow (who else caught the Mulan reference?) Twitter not having a way to edit your tweets is basically the same as turning in your essay that you stayed up until 4 AM writing without even proofreading 

On Being a Lazy Lump:


"I see your laziness, and I raise you 'Just called reception to find out my room number.'"

We promise there is no lazier group of humans than college women... except maybe college men. There's something in the air on college campuses that drains the life out of its students. A nap between every class (and during some) is a completely reasonable way to cope with college. Sleeping more during the day than you do at night isn't as weird as it sounds.

On Community Engagement:


"Wow I just learned the hard way that McDonald's doesn't serve fries before 10:30? Looks like we have another battle to fight, team"

Does campaigning for all day breakfast at McDonald's and serving fries the whole day count as community service? If you aren't involved on campus its like a major oh-no-no. Thank goodness for our sorority's Philanthropy chairs for keeping us involved on campus and our community. 

On Cleanliness:


"I didn't shower all day then I finally did and a fly followed me all the way to the shower. John said I'm the kid from peanuts."

Chrissy. You're speaking our language. We understand how much time showers take up. Well how much time they take away from our sleep schedule. We know it's bad after the fourth "hat day" in a row. Thank goodness your t-shirt chair ordered some adorable embroidered hats so your hat day isn't all that bad.

When All Your Friends Are Getting Married:


"I always come home to 50 wedding invitations from strangers. U guys are kind of crazy but i'll have the chicken i guess." 

Marriage, is what brings us together today (Princess Bride fans, anyone?) But really! When did all of our friends become old enough to get married? We come home to 50 wedding invites, bridal shower invites, baby shower invites! Didn't I just say I don't have time for showers! Of course we love it and we are so happy to shower our friends in love, just as long as there's enough dry shampoo to help me make it through these occasions.

Chrissy, thank you for understanding us. Please never change.

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