Throwback Thursday: Early 2000s Edition

For those of us born in the late 90s and were too busy getting our diapers changed to truly experience the joy of being a 90s kid, here's some things that kids who grew up in the early 2000s will remember fondly (or cringe at the thought). 

1. UGGs


Or our personal favorite, UGGs with mini skirts... (Beyonce, no!!!!)

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2. AIM (Aol Instant Messager)

How we planned to meet up at the mall and how we talked how "cuhte Josh lked n his american eagle shirt 2day!"

  Z        Aim 1

3. AIM Away Messages

How would Brittany M. know that you weren't responding to her if you didn't tell everyone your mom is "bn rly mean & makin me eat din wit my fam ughhhh"? Also how would everyone know how many "Dashboard Confessional" songs you know if you don't post them as your Away Message?

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4. Scrunching your hair

Scrunchies are so 90s, but scrunching your hair is sooo 2000s. The crunchy look is so in! And every girl knows NEVER brush out that scrunching gel! 

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5. Motorola Razr 

If you wanna be the baddest gal on the block, convince your parents to let you have a hot pink Razr for your first phone. It even had a selfie feature and it was so thin it fit in the back pocket of your flared jeans! 


Moment of silence for those of us who got Firefly cell phones, who could call your mom and the police, when they were like 15... I'm not bitter.

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6. "Muffins are just ugly cupcakes" Phase

Not our proudest moment, but lets admit it, we probably all had this lovely quote as the background of our Razrs and (if you're lucky) our IPod Touches. This phase involved a lot of secret Hot Topic runs when your mom dropped you off at the mall in her mini van. We were all a little scared of Hot Topic, but you make sacrifices to be BAD.

Funny 2

7. Changing your ringtone to "Sexy Can I" and then getting in trouble when it plays in front of your grandma at Christmas and then you have to change it to "Banana Pancakes" by Jack Johnson 

Okay, that was scarily specific. But whatever, ringtones were COOL! And sharing ringtones over Bluetooth was even cooler!

8. Blockbuster

May it rest in peace. Family trips to go renew your Mary Kate and Ashley Trip to Paris VHS' were some of the best nights. But you NEVER bought the candy there, you went to your local grocery store like true frugal families. Oh, but you definitely got a balloon on one of those weird sticks. You will be missed.


9. Xanga


WHAT EVEN WAS THIS WEBSITE? I remember having one, but that's literally all I remember. After some research I've found out it's like a blog, but way worse. Xanga had a good run of about one year and everyone forgot about it until probably right now.

10. Puka Shell Necklaces and Livestrong Bracelets

If you want people to know you have LITERALLY NEVER been to the West Coast, wear a Puka Shell necklace! Unless your name is Kenny Chesney, retire the shells. Pair it with a sick Livestrong bracelet, even though you think Lance Armstrong was the first man on the moon. 

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Oh, early 2000s, you will be missed... kind of. Happy Throwback Thursday Houndstooth Press fam, and don't forget to update your away message!

~~~~don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened~~~~


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