Trying to Function After the Function

Trying to Function After the Function 

Another Day, Another Function, Another Outfit, Another Date, Another Venue...and the cycle continues.

A function is a crucial event in every Greek Members' life. But with so many to account for over such a long period of time, how in the world do you remember all of them?

Here's how: get that function t-shirt. You know, the one that your t-shirt chairs have been talking about for the past week. You know, the one that has a deadline you always forget to remember. You know, the one that will forever remind you of some of your favorite experiences in college. It's the t-shirt you will wear on your best and worst days, and the one you'll hand down to your little before you tell her the story behind it.

1. Get it for your wardrobe

You've ditched your high school attire in order to create room for your new college gear, which means you've ultimately gotten rid of your entire wardrobe. It is no longer acceptable to wear your "Project Graduation" t-shirt out in public. But lucky for you, you just had your first function, and you know that you're about to receive a brand new t-shirt to commemorate this monumental event. There's no better feeling than knowing you have a fabulous t-shirt to change into when its time to step out of that toga! Why not experience that feeling after every function? It's time to fill up your empty drawer space with the best college memories.

2. Get it for your date

The only other person who loves new t-shirts as much as you do is your date to each function! That lucky person would love a reminder of the time they were dressed up at your side. If your date happens to be your significant other, you can hold your head high when you see them wear the new t-shirt you bought for them! Caution: Your date may refuse the t-shirt at first so as to act aloof, but deep down they're burning for that t-shirt. They want it not only for the memories, but also for their wardrobe. It's a statement about their social life! Their popularity somewhat relies on whether or not they have proof of the events they've attended. 

3. Get it for the memories.

When you're old and grey and your grandchildren are begging for a story about the good old days, you can pull out your favorite t-shirt from the vault. A t-shirt is a lifelong memory. These t-shirts serve as reminders of the nights you chose to forego test preparation in order to spend time with friends. When choosing what t-shirt to wear, you will ask yourself, "What memories do I want relive today?" Will you choose Tacky Prom, Boots and Bowties, or High School Heroes? While you're sitting in chapter awaiting the announcement of the upcoming function theme, you and your sisters can pass the time giggling about the last one.

If you're trying to function after the function...

Order a t-shirt. It's the best way to remember every function.



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