Uh.. Not Quite: Things Sorority Movies Always Get Wrong

Have you ever been watching a sorority or fraternity movie or TV show and you find yourself thinking, “uh… no, that’s not at all how that works”? It seems like every time a movie comes out that involves sororities and fraternities, we all just wanna roll our eyes and spend the entire movie explaining to every non-Greek person in the room why this is totally false. Parties in the sorority house? Not screaming and chanting during rush? Uh, I don’t think so, pal. 

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Let’s start with the Spoiled Sorority Girl attire. Okay, I don’t know about yall, but when was the last time you saw anyone on campus wearing pearls and heels to class, let alone a sorority girl? I don’t even see girls dressed this nicely at chapter. Sure, there are some girls who go the extra mile and wear normal people clothes to class instead of leggings and your latest, hot off the press sorority tee, but that’s not exclusive to Greek ladies. If anything, it’s more common to see non-Greek students dress nicely for class. Even if she is spoiled, a sorority girl is not about to abandon her trusty Lululemon leggings and Nikes.

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Traveling in packs. Uh, who has the time and convenience for this? And, to reiterate the first point, why are they ALL dressed better than girls dress at chapter? Look, I don’t know how it works at your school, but never in my life have I walked to class in a pack. Maybe with three to four girls tops, but that’s only if we’re all going to the same class, coming from the same class, or… no, there’s no third reason, because literally no sorority girls do this. If you have actually seen a pack of overly well dressed sorority girls on the prowl on campus to take down non-Greek girls on the way to class, all I have to say is… pics or it didn’t happen. 

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Those weird rush parties where PNMs are just floating around the house. I always wondered if maybe this was only weird because my university does rush a certain way, and other schools actually have rush parties like this. But, after doing some research and asking my girls at other schools, it’s clear that literally no sorority just invites the PNMs inside, touches/hugs them (???), or, worst of all, straight up ignores a girl to the point where she’s just walking around the house on her own. Uh, no. Rush is not this casual. At all. Plus, where are all the screaming girls who stack the door when the PNMs enter? Where are the banners? Where are all the balloons that we all definitely have had to inflate and construct into an arch as sophomores? We’ve come to the conclusion that movies have the budget to throw the best rush of all time and do not take that opportunity. Come on, fake sorority girls, get your crap together.

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The idea that the president is evil. There’s always the president of the sorority who is the stereotypical “head cheerleader” (another annoying movie stereotype) that hates the pretty plain nerd girl who actually isn’t plain at all and isn’t much of a nerd either. For some reason the president is so evil and insecure that she feels the need to be mean to said nerd girl who rushed. And to top it all off, they always have it where all the girls in the chapter secretly hate her. Look, the chapter votes on who becomes president. She has to be well liked by the chapter to be voted for by enough people. For crying out loud, this is college; no one has the time to hate someone else so much that they scheme and plot their demise, let alone a sorority president. If you’re in a sorority, you know how demanding her job is. If you’re not in a sorority, know this: the president does NOT have time to even care about the pretty girl who could take over her “throne,” and besides, she knows she’s only president for a year. If anything, the presidents have always loved getting to know the girls who want the position in the future and could do it well. You don’t become president of a sorority for yourself, because it is a hard and somewhat thankless job. 

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Parties in the house. This one I guess I understand to an extent why someone who was never actually in a sorority but has some cheerleader effect complex and became a screenwriter would actually think is true. We don’t have parties in the house. That’s not just university to university. That’s a national rule. We don’t have parties in the house. We don’t have functions in the house. We don’t trash our own house. Fraternities? Absolutely. Sororities? Absolutely not. I mean, girls are trying to sleep upstairs. Some girls have 8 am classes. Some girls have church in the morning. I don’t know how to put it more plainly to people who don’t know anything about Greek life, but we do not have parties in our houses. And we don’t want to. That Neighbors sequel where the girls are trying to start a sorority that can throw parties? I mean, good for them, but like… have fun making your pledges clean when no other sorority’s pledges have to do that. 

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Pledge classes are literally 5 people. I mean I know this is nitpicky, and some campus chapters are small, but these movies are trying to get this image that Greek life is the end-all-be-all of campus, yet their sororities have, like maybe 5 girls to a pledge class. If Greek life is huge at your school, you’re looking at pledge classes anywhere from 50-150 girls. I mean I get that they wanna focus in on a certain amount of characters, but you can still do that even in a pledge class of 75 girls. Just sayin.

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Sorority girls love being mean to one another. I know it’s “cool” to hate sorority girls, and assume that they’re all evil because one time you met one who seemed annoying or mean, but the reality is, they’re just girls, and some girls ARE annoying and mean. If you pulled 50 random female college students, I can guarantee that within that sample there will be girls that aren’t nice. That’s just true of life. Being a little snooty is not the norm among Greek women, and it’s not a trait that is even exclusive to being Greek. Any college girl can be stuck up. Any college girl can be mean, or love partying, or any other annoying stereotype that got stuck with us. 

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The only sorority movie that got it somewhat right when it comes to how we love each other and work hard is Legally Blonde. I mean, all of Elle’s friends got together to help her get ready, they helped her when she was getting over Warner, encouraged her to go to Harvard, and even went across the country to be there for Elle in her big trial. They were a little ditzy, sure, but they were good and loyal friends who wanted their president to succeed. Not only that, but Elle had a 4.0 in a business major (yes, fashion merchandising is a business major), was the president of a major organization on campus, heavily involved on campus, had plenty of volunteer hours, got a near-impossible score on her LSAT, and Harvard still underestimated her. We should all strive to be like Elle Woods. As for the rest of these “sorority movies,” come on writers, look at Legally Blonde: you can make a great movie and not spread the false shallow sorority girl narrative. 


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