Valentines, Smalentines

It’s coming.

Valentines Day.

Some choose to call it Galentines (gals + valentines), some go into hibernation, some use it as an excuse to consume as much milk chocolate as possible, and a few lucky ones actually celebrate the holiday.

Whether or not the day was made up by Hallmark, we will never know, but we do know how to cope.

This is for those of us who will not be with a significant other on February 14th (no, that does not include your childhood stuffed animal).

First off, probably do not go see Fifty Shades of Grey, for obvious reasons besides that it is opening night. Way too many people, with way too many emotions, and it’s a prime spot for a mental breakdown.

Do not, under any circumstances, get on social media. There will be an OVERLOAD of couple-y Instagrams, tweets, and Snapchats. You’ll think to yourself, “If I have to see another Snapchat of red roses with a stupid teddy bear I will vomit.” So just don’t, save yourself the time and annoyance.

So after you’ve eaten a dozen chocolate covered strawberries (thanks Mom), it’s time to call the girls. Invite them over! If misery really does love company, Valentine's Day is sure to prove that theory.

Get together and watch a movie, play games, and lounge around and be thankful you're not ordering a salad at a nice restaurant when what you really wanted was the filet mignon.

Cozy up with some ice cream and any movie that involves the Hemsworth brothers and/or Channing Tatum. Pull out those sweatpants, XL t-shirt (because we all have them), and your favorite Houndstooth Press fleece or sweatshirt.

Have an enormous dance party that will make your neighbor come upstairs wondering if you've been replaced with a rock band.

Pick your poison. There are plenty of ways to get through the day!

And hey, no judgments here if you really do eat an entire box of heart candy.


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