Ways Pokemon Go Is Like Sorority Recruitment


Welcome back to the early 2000s because Pokemon is cool and Blink-182 has a hit song. All of us twenty-somethings that were getting that out-of-touch-with-the-youth-feeling can rest assured that we are basically in charge of culture right now. It is completely accepted for a 25 year old to leave their house and meet up with their friends at 2 AM because they have Pokemon to catch. Not only are we beyond pumped to play PokemonGo, we're pumped to meet the new girlies coming through Sorority Recruitment. What do these two things have in common? More than you think. 

You're going to be walking around in the heat.


Nothing says bonding like walking through the summer heat to catch em' all. That's basically what Recruitment turns into: bonding and sweating and walking. Just like PokeStops, you and all your new besties will congregate at Sorority Houses to find something special. Braving the heat will be worth it when you find a Squirtle or a new big.

You're going to meet people and you'll automatically have something in common.


Weirdly enough, PokemonGo is bringing people together. Thirty-something gamers are emerging from their parent's basements to catch Pokemon and along the way, they meet people doing the same. Everyone has a common goal and the more people working towards it, the better. People of all ages come together to give each other help, tips, advice, and a friend. Rush is kind of like that but rather than thirty-somethings emerging from the depths, it's college girls emerging from their summer Netflix comas to join a sorority. You'll meet some of your best friends going through the experience because you all have something in common and you're all going through it together. 

You're going to get free stuff. 

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Not like bribery stuff! The girls in the houses can't give you anything, but still people are throwing things at you literally just for going through Recruitment. Your worried mom is sending you care packages, your boyfriend sent you flowers (or your mom sent you flowers "from your dog"), and the people in charge of rush are giving you food and deodorant and love. PokemonGo players are also receiving unnecessary and quite honestly underserved gifts. Go sit out on the corner with all the other PokemonGoers for long enough and you'll probably get some free pizza, a free pen, and some hand sanitizer from a desperate apartment complex that is trying to convince a 13 year old to sign a lease. Hey! Free stuff is free stuff, deserved or not. 

Don't recruit and drive! 


Okay, this definitely applies more to PokemonGo, but it's important to remember during Recruitment. Whether you're going through Recruitment or you're already in a house, you're freakin' tired, man. The heat, the smiles, the stress takes a toll on you! So don't drive if you're sleepy because you're gonna crave that Whatta Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit, but please Uber there because exhaustion is REAL. Pokemon is the same way. It's distracting! And people can get hurt. So stay away from the wheel and Uber to Whatta or to your PokeStops, your insurance will thank you. 

Searching for that rare Pokemon. 


When your rush crush comes through the door of your house you swear it feels like finding a rare Pikachu! You're so excited to see her you almost forget that you're not allowed to touch her so you give her like the weirdest air hug ever and pray that she still wants to be in your sorority. Just like a finding a Pikachu you're strategic in earning the love of this girly. You make sure all your friends want her just as bad as you do and people honestly think she's Beyonce when she walks in the door. This girl is your Pikachu. 

Using Bids like Pokeballs to get the best catches.


We wish we could catch all these girlies in Pokeballs so we could have them forever, but that's super not legal! We hope that a bid on Bid Day is enough to get these girls to be on our PokeTeam (fun fact: put Poke in front of anything to make it about Pokemon.) We want all the best for our sorority, just like you want the best Pokemon! But in the end, it's all about having fun. So have some freakin' fun!

So this Recruitment season: Pokemon GO GREEK! 


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