What Does Your Favorite Flavor Of Ice Cream Say About You?

Mint Chocolate Chip

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Hey, sweet thing! You are the by far the kindest of your friend group. You are always making other people feel good about themselves. You are put together and tidy, never leaving a mess behind (even though mint chocolate chip does sometimes.) Your friends call you mom because you are always taking care of everyone else. Sick? Call this friend and get the five-star treatment and probably some ice cream. This is the friend that carries band-aids and deodorant in her purse, "just in case." Your friend group wouldn't be complete without this gentle and kind soul. 

Cookie Dough 

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You were probably voted "Most Popular" in high school and you probably didn't even know it. Everyone loves you and naturally gravitates toward you. You don't even realize how cool you are, you just love people. You are true to yourself and won't change for anyone, which is why people love you so much. You probably have thousands of Instagram followers and have absolutely no idea why. You're just you and people love that. You always remember: be yourself unless you can Be Yonce.



"Hey, wanna drive 3 hours to get burgers at 2 AM?" That's this friend. You know that friend whose answer is always "yes." They are the person you can always call when you really have the urge to go Salsa dancing but don't want to go alone. With this friend, you'll never have to do anything alone again. Because they say "yes" to basically everything, they've got a full schedule and you have to put a phone tracker on them if you ever want to know what they're doing. They will probably randomly move to Australia one day on a whim, so hold onto this one while you've got them.


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Chocolate lovers are feisty ones. These are the people that you want on your side because they will always have your back. These are the friends that say "Do we hate them?" when you're complaining about someone. Chocolate lovers are loyal and hilarious. They will make all of your bad days better with a sassy comment, loving sarcasm, and lots of snuggles. Don't cross a chocolate ice cream lover or their friends, your house will probably be TP'd and your screenshots put on blast for the world to see. 


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If you ever need someone to just like chill for a sec with you, call this friend. Movie nights and trips to the grocery store in your pajamas are what bond you most. Everyone needs a calming presence in their lives with school, work, relationships, and everything else gets stressful. A vanilla ice cream fan just goes with the flow and won't get worked up over petty things. Their motto: don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things. 

Rocky Road


You are officially BA if you like Rocky Road ice cream. Rocky Road says, "Hey, move out of my way. This isn't my first ice cream rodeo." You are a seasoned ice cream eater and you enjoy the finer things in life. None of that plain crap will do for you. You are the tough one of your friend group. You are serious about things you are passionate about (like ice cream.) No one dares mess with you, but it's not like you give them a reason to. You are respected by many and feared by all. Rock on, rocky roadies. 

Peanut Butter


Peanut butter lovers are just tryna have a good time. You're like take my two favorite foods: peanuts and butter and stick them in some ice cream. You are the life of the party and can out ice cream anyone, any day. Your teachers hate you because you are the class clown, but they also love you because you are the class clown. No one ever really knows what you're doing, but you know you're just livin' life. You got that crazy Twitter following because you know what gets the crowd goin'.

Cotton Candy 

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Cotton candy lovers are to be both feared and loved. They are the Michael Scotts of ice cream. ("Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy. Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me." -Michael Scott.) This people are forever wildin' and they always kind of need to take a chill pill, but at the same time you don't want them to. Your mom hated when this friend came over because they always screamed really loud and were sticky, but they were your favorite friend because they always had the best games to play and pranks to pull.

Butter Pecan


The smarty of the bunch is the Butter Pecan lover. We are know pecans are classy nuts and the people that eat them are as well. When you see people eating butter pecan ice cream become their friend very quickly so they can help you with your Calculus and Physics homework in exchange for ice cream. They have their stuff together and your mom will forever 
say "why can't you be more like that Butter Pecan ice cream lover?"

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